Using Social Media for Referrals: Facebook

Many of our top referrers rely on social media to increase their referrals. However, not everyone is familiar with how to spread the great opportunities available with Career Step on social media AND still get credit for the referral, so we’re starting this new series to help you do just that! Every few months we’ll be highlighting a different social medial channel, and we’re kicking it all off with Facebook.

Facebook is probably familiar to most, but do you know how to make sure you get credit for any referrals from your posts?  There are two simple ways to get credit for referrals from Facebook:

  • Include your referral webpage – Post a status update about how Career Step has changed your life and invite others to make a change in their life by visiting your referral webpage.
  • Share a page from Career Step and include your referrer ID – You can get credit for ANY webpage you share on Facebook by simply adding ?uid=refxxxxx to the end of it. For example if you were sharing a link to our MyCAA video you’d type in (replacing the x’s with the actual numbers of your referrer ID.)

One important note is that the Referral Program Terms and Conditions prohibit you from posting your referral webpage link on any of the ads or posts that Career Step puts on Facebook. You’re more than welcome to comment on them, but please refrain from including your referral link because we will then have to delete your comment.

To make it even easier for you to share on Facebook, we also have a bi-weekly “Facebooking for Referrals” series here on the blog that gives ideas on what to post. We also just started a Facebook page specific to referrals where we will share ideas on what to post and keep you informed of any new promotions. Like us at today to make sure you’re up-to-date on all the latest happenings!

Are you still confused about using Facebook to get more referrals? Check out our Get More Referrals Using Facebook or Facebook Your Way to More Referrals blog posts for additional advice or leave us a comment in the section below…  or on Facebook! (Chances are if you have the question, someone else does too.)

If you don’t remember your referrer ID, send an email to and we’ll be happy to provide it to you!

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