Visited the Referral Resource Center Lately?

In addition to the tips, advice, and info that we post here on the Referral Blog, we’ve also put together an extensive Referral Resource Center to provide tools you can use in your efforts. We’ve tried to make the Resource Center easy to find and navigate to, so there’s always a link to the Resource Center on the right side of the page in the More Resources box.

The Referral Resource Center includes brochures for all of the training programs and a number of other fliers as well. You can also find different banners and buttons you can use on a blog or website. And we’ve just added a bunch of new medical transcription and medical coding and billing banners! With the new Timeline format on Facebook, images are becoming more and more important, so these banners could even be a great way to tell others about the Career Step programs on Facebook.

Take a minute to go check out the new banners. What do you think? How do you plan on using the Referral Resource Center in your efforts?

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