Organization While Studying, Job Hunting & working | Part 2

Staying organized can have big benefits when you’re studying, job hunting, and working in a new job. This is the second installment in our 3-part organization series, and in this post we’re talking about how to organize for an effective job search. Here’s a quick outline of the entire series in case you need a refresher:

1. Organizing for effective studying
2. Organizing for an effective job search
3. Staying organized on the job

Now, let’s get down to business and talk about organizing for the job search…

Become familiar with Excel or another type of spreadsheet software.

The easiest way to keep track of who you’ve applied with, interviewed with, followed up with, etc. is by using a spreadsheet.  You can decide which aspects of your search you want to keep track of, but the most common ones are: company names, application dates, application methods, interview dates, follow up methods and dates, and information about the companies.  This creates an easy-to-read chart to help you stay on top of everything.

When you get an interview date and time for a company, put the appointment in both your phone and somewhere else prominently visible to ensure you don’t miss it.

Even the most basic cell phones tend to have a calendar feature where you can make appointments.  Putting your appointments there and setting up alerts can help keep you on track.  Be sure to set your alarm so you have plenty of time to arrive early. Punctuality is key when going to a job interview.

Don’t be afraid to use online job search sites!

Monster, Indeed, and Glassdoor are just a few great job search sites. Most of them will allow you to set up alerts so that you get notified when new jobs in your area of interest are posted. This can help you stay organized and can also streamline your job search process.

So there’s my list for today. Do you have any job hunt organization tips to add? Post them in the comments below, and check back soon for our final post on staying organized on the job.

-Alesa Little
CS Student Support

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