Welcome to Our New Website!

You may have noticed that our website looks a little different . . . you’re right. It does. And we hope you love it as much as we do.

Easy to Navigate

CareerStep has grown over the years, and the time is right to bring all our divisions under one umbrella. Our development team has worked hard to make sure our website speaks directly to our visitors, and now it’s easier than ever before to find the right career training for the right situation.

  • Prospective Student? Great, click on Learn More and you’ll find a page that tells you about our current promotional offers. You’ll also see a dropdown menu with all of our programs and a tab that lets you quickly enroll.
  • Need some Continuing Education? Click on that link to see our EMS refresher training, emergency life support CEs, continuing ed for coders, and Microsoft Office training.
  • Interested in our Academic Partners? This page will help you understand the benefits of a CareerStep partnership.
  • Healthcare Organization? We’ve got you covered with online recertification courses and revenue cycle management education solutions.

Whether our visitors are prospective students, professionals needing continuing education, academic institutions, or healthcare organizations, they can easily find the training that best suits their needs.

careerstep website 2016


We’ve made a few changes that will help our site be faster than it was before. The new website is hosted on cloud servers so it’s scalable. We’ve also embraced some new technology that, well, helps us be faster. No more wasting valuable seconds waiting for a page to download. We’re confident you’ll notice a difference.

Mobile Friendly

Part of that new technology and sleeker design means our new website is—get this—mobile friendly. Which you’ve probably already discovered if you’re reading this on your phone. If you haven’t taken a peek on your phone yet, go ahead, try it out—we’ll wait right here.

careerstep website mobile 2016

Whether you’re mobile or on your laptop, go ahead and explore our new site. We’ve tried to put all the resources we can at your fingertips—information, videos, brochures, FAQs—so you can help your friends and family find a new career they will love.

Let us know what you think of our new site in the comments below!

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