What to Expect from an Online Medical Transcription Course

online MT studentIf you’ve been thinking about pursuing a career in medical transcription but are uncertain about what to expect from an online course, worry no more! Today we’re going to discuss some of what to expect when you’re taking an online medical transcription course.

Foundational Healthcare Training
Career Step offers medical transcription curriculum approved by the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI) and is based on The Model Curriculum for Healthcare Documentation, 5th Edition. And in our online medical transcription course you’ll learn all of the skills that you’ll need in your new career, including lessons in grammar and punctuation, anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, laboratory results, and healthcare documentation technology.

No matter what medical transcription course you choose, make sure it includes a comprehensive healthcare foundation. This in-depth understanding of medical terminology and the healthcare industry as a whole will prepare you to start gaining hands-on transcription experience.

Hands-on Experience
Medical transcription employers want medical transcriptionists who can contribute to their teams from day 1, and in order to be a good transcriptionist, you need to have lots of practice actually transcribing medical records. AHDI recommends a minimum of 100 transcription hours in either a simulated professional practice setting or through various externship programs.

After graduating from Career Step, you’ll have completed up to 640 hours of coursework as well as over 1300 reports, giving you an excellent base of experience to draw from. You’ll practice on actual doctor dictations and patient records so you can develop the practical skills you’ll need in the job market.

Studying at Your Own Pace
Unlike more traditional settings, online medical transcription courses allow students to pursue their medical transcription education at the pace that they find most comfortable. Students can work lessons and tests around their own schedule, which makes the program ideal for parents, those working part-time or full-time jobs, or those looking to expand their current skill set.

Career Step’s online medical transcription course offers a well-rounded, flexible educational program that teaches students to be effective medical transcriptionists and medical transcription editors. Our affordable online medical transcription course is devoted to providing students with the skills they will need to flourish out in the real world.

The emphasis we put on both theoretical and practical training has ensured that our graduates enter the job market confident in their own skills and ready to face their new career with assurance and poise. In fact, 90% if our medical transcription graduates land jobs after graduation (with over 90% of them working from home in their very first position!). What’s more, the entire course can be taken in the comfort of your own home, on your own schedule. There’s never been a better time to begin your medical transcription training!

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