Administrative Assistant Job Opening in Different Industries

Career Step gives an overview of the wide variety of industries administrative assistants can work in.As an administrative assistant, you can find employment opportunities in many different industries. In some cases, you may for apply for a job and really not know what kind of industry or department you’d be working in, but by the time you go to an interview, you should have an idea of what the company does and the industry the work in.

Sometimes, you have an idea of what type of industry you want to work in before you start applying for jobs. It’s a good idea to become familiar with a few industries and department types before you start working to get an idea of where you might want to apply.

In this blog post, we’ll go over a few different industries/departments you could end up in and talk about how to become familiar with the different areas.

IT: IT stands for Information Technology, and it is a rapidly growing industry. With the constant advancement of computers, phones, and other technology, there are plenty of companies in this industry. If this is an area you’re interested in, it would be beneficial to learn basic IT terminology and concepts. Thoroughly learning the material in your MS Office modules is also very important because these companies expect their employees to already be familiar with the technology they’ll be using and are unlikely to hold any training for you.

Security: This industry can cover a variety of areas. If you’re interested in working in the security industry, you should research local area laws and regulations. If you’d like to work for a specific company, try to find out what type of security they handle as public security regulations often vary from those that govern personal security.

Entertainment: Whether the company offers DJs, karaoke, clowns, or party supplies, knowing the different areas is going to help make the job easier.  If you work for a party supply company, it will be important to know about the different items your company provides— tents, popcorn machines, tables, etc. If it’s a DJ or karaoke company, then you better know your music.

Construction: The administrative assistant for a construction company needs to be used to the different types of regulations and permits—zoning permits, building permits, etc. You may also need to know about the different equipment as you will often be the one ordering equipment if something is needed.

Human Resources: Benefits and policies are the focus here.  Vacation pay, sick pay, bonuses, etc.—those are the benefits. Absenteeism, sexual harassment, discrimination, etc.—those are the policies.  Of course every company is different, but if you want to work in an human resources department you should at least know the types of things you will be dealing with.

These are just a few of the many industries you could get a job at. Becoming familiar with the industries you are interested in working in can help you be more proactive and successful in your job search, job interview, and the workforce.

What industries do you think would be interesting to work in? Why?

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