Who’s Who of Career Step Learners: College Students

This series is designed to help you increase your referrals by understanding the different needs of Career Step’s learners and why your friends and family might choose to get their training with us. This month we’re focusing on why a certificate program from Career Step might be the perfect fit for college students.

I know what you’re thinking. Why would someone already going to school to get a degree want to also work towards a certificate program? The simple answer is time and money.

Earn While You Learn
Most college students start school with the goal of finishing in 2 or 4 years, depending on the degree. However, the average time to complete an associate degree is actually over 3 years and a bachelor degree is 4.5 years. A certificate program from Career Step on the other hand can be completed in as little as 3 months. This means they are able to get into the workforce much sooner.

With the rising cost of a degree, having a job is a necessity for many college students. While a few are lucky enough to get a scholarship or have parents that are able to afford their tuition, most college students have to support themselves. Our career-focused programs are designed to get learners in, out, and working as soon as possible. This means they can earn a decent living while still pursuing their college degree.

Spreading the word is as easy as sharing your own experience with Career Step with your friends or family that are in college. Let them know that our awesome career advisors will even help them get a job after they complete the course. (Currently, 84% of those who complete their training with us get a job!)  You can also post our Earn While You Learn referral flier on bulletin boards in your community.  (Be sure to write your referrer ID on the appropriate line on the flier so you get credit for any enrollments!)

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