Who’s Who of Career Step Learners: New Moms

Our goal is to help you increase your referrals, and one of the best ways to do that is to understand all of the different audiences Career Step’s programs appeal to—which is the whole purpose behind this Who’s Who series!

We’ve already talked about high school seniors and military spouses, and this month we’re focusing on new moms. Here are a few reasons why Career Step’s programs work so well for those who have just made the leap into parenthood.

Work From Home
Many new moms struggle with feelings of guilt and stress because of divided attention between work and family. A Career Step course for an at-home career can be the perfect solution! With Career Step training, new moms can have a real career from home in just a few months. An at-home career means new moms can spend more time with the baby while avoiding a commute and daycare costs. And no daycare costs means more money in the bank.

Quick Education Options
In addition to preparing students for at-home careers, Career Step’s training is also streamlined so it can be completed in just 3 to 12 months. For a new mom who recently decided to stay home with her baby but who’s family needs a second income, that quick training timeline can be just what the doctor ordered! Even if a new mom takes a full year to complete a Career Step program, she will still be prepared for a new career much faster than through a traditional 2- or 4-year degree program.

Flexibility to Succeed
Just like no two babies are the same, no two moms are the same either—which is why the flexibility of Career Step courses is such a great fit for new moms. The online setup empowers new moms to create a training schedule that fits their individual needs. They can make use of their baby’s downtime and work around the baby’s schedule as well as any other surprises mommy life may throw their way.

How to Spread the Word
Letting your family friends know about great career options for new moms available through Career Step is easy. New moms are often very open to hearing what works for other people, so reach out to those you know and tell them about your experience with Career Step. You can also try asking local OB/GYNs or pediatricians if they would allow you to leave a few of our new mom fliers in their office.

The social web is also an excellent way to connect with new moms. There are many online new mom boards you can join, and social media is a great way to reach out to those who may benefit from Career Step training. Tell them why so many new moms have chosen Career Step to enhance their careers while raising their little ones.

Most importantly, share this news with new moms because you want to help them improve their lives and find the solution that works best for their family! How has Career Step helped you or your motherhood journey? What ways have you had success in telling new moms about Career Step? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments section below!

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