Why Career Step’s Online Training?

Why Career Step vs Other Schools

When you talk to people about Career Step’s online training, you may get questions about why Career Step versus another online school. To help with your referral efforts, we’ve put together a few things your friends and family should considered to be sure they are getting an online training program that is worth their time and money.

The two most important things your friends or family members should consider when comparing online programs is quality and support. Just like with traditional college programs, all online training courses are not created equal.

The purpose of online training is to be prepared for a job upon graduation, so it’s important to choose a school that actually does that. Prospective students should also look for a school that provides support throughout the entire learning process. With online education it is easy to feel isolated and alone, and it’s much easier to get through a course when you have access to instructors who can provide needed support.

Keeping this in mind, here are a few more things to consider when choosing an online school…

Industry Approval

Many people look to see if a school is accredited but don’t check if the school—or more importantly the program they’re interested in—has industry approval. While accreditation is nice, all it really says it that a third-party organization has verified that the school offers quality training overall. They might not have actually looked at each specific program or have the expertise to judge the quality of the specific training. However, if a program is approved by the leading industry organization, you know that those who actually do the job you’re training for believe the program will prepare students to be successful in the workforce.

For example, the curriculum of one of our most popular courses, Medical Transcription Editor, is approved by the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI), the leading medical transcription industry association. The program is also certified and approved by the Approval Committee for Certificate Programs (ACCP), which is a joint committee established by the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI) and the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). These approvals mean employers know that a trusted member of their industry has reviewed our courses and Career Step graduates have the skills they need to do their job.

Student Support

The amount of support needed to get through a training program varies from individual to individual. However, your friends and family members should make sure the school they’re considering has the level of support they need, and then some.

While prospective students may think they won’t need much support, it’s nice to know that help is available if they get stuck. And one of the great things about Career Step’s student support team is that all of our instructors have been there! At the risk of bragging, we have to say we have the best instructors around. Besides knowing the courses backwards and forwards, they have real-world experience working in the specific fields our students are preparing for. Who better to help you train for a new job than someone who’s actually done it?

In addition, Career Step’s programs also come with tech support. While it doesn’t happen often, sometimes students run into technical problems while trying to access their program or study for a test. When these things happen, it’s nice to have someone you can call to help walk you through the solution versus trying to figure it out on your own.

Graduate Support

When it all comes down to it, online training programs should be designed to help you get a good job when you’re done. So this is probably the most important thing your friends and family should look for. Does the course actually prepare for a job? What kind of support is available after graduation to help you find a job?

Career Step’s graduate support advisors are dedicated to helping our graduates be successful in their job search. They provide invaluable tips on how to navigate the ins and outs of the specific industry’s hiring process. They also know what resumes for the different industries should look like and provide tips on earning relevant industry credentials to help graduates land the jobs they really want.


One last word of caution. There are many educational programs out there, both online and on campus, that are very expensive. Make sure the price of the education is reasonable for the amount you can potentially earn after graduation. As another example, the cost for Career Step’s Pharmacy Technician program is under $3,000. The average pharmacy technician earns over $14 an hour or about $30,000 a year. That would make their Career Step training costs about 6% of what you’ll earn the first year out of school. We think that is a reasonable and affordable price for education. However, a lot of pharmacy technician programs charge tuition prices of over $30,000—which would take several years to pay off since that’s as much as graduates will make that first year.

In the end, choosing a quality online training program is really no different than anything else in life. Your friends and family will do just fine if they are smart consumers, do their research, and know what they’re looking for in an online program.

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