Why Choose Career Step for Your Medical Coding Education?

Career Step is an outstanding choice for medical coding and billing education because we’re a leader in career training programs specific to medical coding and billing. If you’re already one of our students, congrats on choosing one of the best programs out there! You can train with the confidence of knowing that you’re being prepared for the workforce with the same curriculum some of the largest employers in the nation have chosen to to train their employees. You can’t do much better than the training that employers are choosing themselves!

The reasons to choose Career Step are many and include:

  • Instructors with real world experience and AHIMA-approved ICD-10 training
  • A coding team that offers real time phone and email support
  • Hands-on experience within the course consisting of 250+ real-world records that cover more than 20 specialties
  • Enhanced instruction in the biomedical sciences necessary for success in ICD-10 coding
  • A program that includes hands-on experience with leading industry coding software from 3M
  • Career-focused training that helps you make a quick transition into a medical coding career because the program can be completed and have you certification ready in as little as 4 months
  • Affordable tuition and easy payment options

The accelerated training time combined with affordable tuition make the Career Step program an excellent return on investment in both time and money. In approximately the same time it takes to complete a semester of study at a traditional college and for less than a semester’s worth of tuition you can complete your education and be career ready with the Career Step’s Professional Medical Coding and Billing program.

If you’re considering a career change to medical coding, get more details about this exciting program by talking with an enrollment advisor today at CareerStep.com/enroll!

Why did you choose Career Step’s Medical Coding and Billing program? Leave us a note in the comments below.

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