Why is Your Referrer Webpage Important?

Updated Referral Web pagesI answer a lot of questions about the Referral Program. The most frequent by far is “My friend just enrolled through Career Step. How do I get paid for my referral?” or something along those lines. While I love answering your questions, I would like to take a few minutes to answer this question once and for all. =)

When you enrolled in the Career Step Referral program, a referrer webpage was created for you. This page is designed to take all the work, worry, and chance out of tracking your referrals.

(You can access your page by visiting http://referral.careerstep.com/ref12070 and replacing the last 5 digits with your own Referrer ID. If you’ve forgotten your Referrer ID, email me at referral@careerstep.com and I can look it up for you.)

In order for you to receive credit, all your contact needs to do is fill out the form on your referrer webpage when they’re first looking into Career Step. Once they fill out that form, they are linked to you in our system, and if they enroll (no matter how they do it or what information they provide at the time) you’ll receive credit for their enrollment. Make sure your contacts start their Career Step research by visiting your referrer webpage and everything is tracked automatically—no thinking, no worries, no wondering if we got your information.

With all of that being said, the referrer webpages are an area that we’re constantly trying to improve. Just in the last few months we’ve added several new features in response to your feedback. New features include:

  • A link to the program demos – This takes your contacts to a page where they’re asked to fill out a form in order to view the program demos. Even though they’re filling out a form on a different page, we’ve extended the automatic tracking so you’ll still receive credit since they originally came from your page.
  • Access to more content – We’ve also included links to additional content. These links take your contacts to various areas of the Career Step website where they can find more information, but, again, all tracking has been extended so you’ll still receive credit since they started on your page.
  • Video included on the page – Last year, we put together a video that includes testimonials from Career Step graduates. We’ve added this to your page for your contacts to hear from other students about their experience with Career Step.
  • Email This Page feature – This allows you to easily share your referrer webpage with others.

So, number one thing you should remember as a Career Step Referrer? Make sure your contacts start their Career Step research on your referrer webpage and you won’t have to worry about whether you’ll receive credit for their enrollment!

Are there any other features you would like to see us add to the referral webpages?

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