New Hiring Partner – Medical Coding

When you think of work-from-home jobs, most people think medical transcription. But did you know that work-from-home jobs are available for medical coders as well? In fact, CareerStep just partnered with RCM Health Care Services, and they want to employ our graduates!

RCM Health Care Services is a premier provider of staffing solutions for over 400 healthcare institutions, placing more than 72,000 healthcare professionals in both remote and traditional new jobs across the nation. They intend to employ CareerStep graduates, specifically those trained for careers related to health information management—which makes it even easier for our graduates to find jobs.

This is great news for your friends and family who want to work from home but are interested in something other than medical transcription. With this new partnership, our Medical Coding and Billing students can study anytime, anywhere and upon graduation, have an even greater chance of finding remote employment!

If you’re not familiar with the medical coding and billing industry or would like materials to share with your friends and family, you may want to check out some of these items on our site:

  • Program Spotlight on Medical Coding and Billing – Learn some quick facts about why someone might want to become a medical coder and choose CareerStep for their training.
  • Medical Coding Career Paths Infographic – Take a look at the options available to someone interested in a medical coding career.
  • Career Profile: Medical Coding and Billing – Watch a day in the life of a medical coder in an office setting. (The duties would essentially be the same for an at-home coder.)

Of course, if you are a CareerStep coding and billing student or graduate, sharing your own experiences with friends and family is always recommended.

If you have any questions or would like to see more posts like this, let us know in the comments section below.

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12 thoughts on “New Hiring Partner – Medical Coding

  1. Lutzy says:

    What a wonderful opportunity!! This is a great connection to provide to us who took the course because it was online. As much as our family moves, a remote job is all I can manage.
    Thank you!

  2. Sunny says:


    I am Vanessa . I know every coder says it easy but once u looking work hard to
    Find because looking for experience.

  3. Kendra says:

    This isn’t great if they are hiring grads without extra experience. I know when I went through the transcription program, I was able to get 2 job offers in a month or so after graduation because of partnerships.

      • mbunderson says:

        Kendra, We think it’s great too. I think the partnership shows their confidence in our training. They are interested in our graduates because of the excellent training they get.

    • mbunderson says:

      Pam, that’s one of the reasons this partnership is so important. They want to hire our graduates. If you are a recent Career Step graduate, give our graduate services a call at 1-888-657-5752 or email them at to learn more.

  4. Cynthia L Gilles says:

    Graduated last year and licensed in December and have yet to find employment working Remotely as Medical Biller and coder. With out experience it’s not easy to become employed. I’m even applying to positions in the medical field as office clerk receptionist and still no luck. Is very discouraging. I feel like giving up.

    • mbunderson says:

      Cynthia, I’m sorry to hear you’ve been having trouble finding employment. As a recent Career Step graduate, you can contact them for assistance at or call 1-888-657-5752. They can give you more information about our partnership with RCM Health Care Services.

      Best of luck to you.

  5. Katie Stafford says:

    I think this sounds like a great opportunity. I didn’t know that my certificate was going to be cpc-a, not just cpc when I graduated. I’m having a hard time finding a job due to lack of experience.

    • mbunderson says:

      Congratulations on completing your program and earning your certificate. I’m so sorry to hear about your difficulties in finding a job. Keep your chin up! The job market can be tricky no matter your field of interest, but coding remains an excellent career choice. AHIMA (the largest industry organization) reports that 6,000 new professionals are needed each year to fill open positions but only 2,000 a year are graduating from programs. We would encourage you to continue checking with employers in your area to see what they’re looking for and to be proactive in your job search.

      Continue to think about the job you want and work toward that goal (build your network, volunteer, stay on top of hiring trends), and you’ll eventually find the right fit for you. Hang in there—you’ve got this! Best wishes.

  6. Donna June Birdow says:

    CareerStep is heaven sent!, soon and determined to achieve my certification with expectations of an active future in the medical field, would be a well-overdue dream come true.

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