Your Guide to the Hemodialysis Technician Program

Healthcare is the largest industry in the nation. By 2028, it is expected to generate 1.9 million new jobs. A large segment of those will be hemodialysis technician jobs. 

Whether you’re already in a similar field like phlebotomy, working in another healthcare niche, or just exploring whether this industry is right for you, a career as a hemodialysis technician could be one of the smartest choices you have ever made.

Why Be a Hemodialysis Technician

Industry experts predict that 24,000 new hemodialysis jobs will be created by 2024. That’s a 17% growth from current numbers. 

The average hemodialysis technician salary is $42,000 a year, and technicians experience a high level of job flexibility. Hemodialysis technician jobs are available at hospitals and medical clinics, and some even offer the opportunity to work out of patient’s homes. 

As the country’s aging population grows, so does the demand for quality healthcare. Hemodialysis technicians are an important part of delivering that high level of care through lifesaving dialysis treatment.

What a Hemodialysis Technician Does

A certified hemodialysis technician works under the supervision of a registered nurse or physician. They are primarily responsible for dialysis treatment, but they also help keep patients comfortable during what can be a very stressful procedure. 

In your role as a hemodialysis technician, you will undertake a variety of tasks:

  • Setting up, monitoring, and cleaning dialyzing equipment
  • Maintaining a sterile environment
  • Preparing and educating patients
  • Administering dialysis treatment
  • Accessing a patient’s vascular system
  • Monitoring and adjusting medication and fluid rates
  • Taking vital signs

The Career Step Hemodialysis Technician Program

Career Step’s online Hemodialysis Technician training prepares you for an entry-level position as a dialysis technician. No previous experience in the healthcare industry is required. 

This BONENT-approved program replaces 12 months of experience with a mixture of online coursework and a clinical externship. This combination can put learners in the workforce in as little as three months. 

In the Career Step program, you can expect to spend 90 hours completing online coursework and an additional 100 hours in the field as part of your clinical externship. Our courses are arranged into 28 modules. By arranging the modules in this way, students learn valuable skills and essential healthcare knowledge like medical terminology, blood draw procedures, and the organs and functions of the renal system. 

After the training courses, program participants will receive exam prep for three industry-standard certifications: the CHT, CCHT, and CCNT exams. 

The Career Step Hemodialysis Technician training is more affordable than other online programs and vocational schools. It also has the added benefit of flexibility. With access to the course module for up to six months, you can proceed through the training at a pace that works for you. 

If you need support, Career Step offers one-on-one assistance by phone, email, and chat every step of the way. 

Learn more about CareerStep’s Hemodialysis Technician program today. 

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