Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Course

Learn to provide exceptional care using a successful PCMH model and process:

  • 6 total hours of study
  • 7 self-paced, online modules

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Course Overview

Healthcare is always evolving (kind of like you). And as the industry shifts from traditional methods of service toward a more patient-oriented form of care, organizations are looking for modern patient-management strategies that are affordable and easy to implement.

There’s plenty of options out in the wild, but Patient-Centered Medical Home models are leading the charge, transforming the way providers diagnose, treat, and communicate with patients.

CareerStep’s PCMH course is designed for practice managers, consultants, medical staff, and students in healthcare programs — and provides an in-depth overview of how a PCMH model works.

  • 6 Study Hours
  • Self-Paced Study
  • Online Access

What You'll Learn:

History of PCMH

You'll get a complete rundown of when and where PCMH started and how it has evolved. We’ll also discuss best practices, cost structures, and industry recommendations.

The Value of PCMH

We’ll walk you through the five basic principles of PCMH and discuss how these philosophies lead to better care.

Knowledge Check

You’ll take a course exam to ensure you retain all the necessary knowledge.


  • This course is fully accredited for continuing education, CE / CME and credential renewal for Physicians / PAs, Nurses / RNs / LPNs, CHCIOs, CAHIMs and CPHIMs managers.


  • The Goals of the Patient-Centered Medical Home Model
  • The History of PCMH Development
  • Positive Outcomes of PCMH Models
  • How are PCMH Models Successful
  • Beginning the Transition to a Patient-Centered Medical Home
  • PCMH Recognition Process
  • Course Exam
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