Team Culture

We like to have fun at work. Here at Career Step Personal Fulfillment is encouraged by…

  • Celebrating company, team, and individual successes
  • Enjoying and embracing our journey
  • Making wellness a priority
  • Fostering relationships
  • Encouraging professional development

We all strive to live and exemplify all of our core values in our daily work activities and responsibilities, and we’ve even instituted a number of fun initiatives to make them even more tangible.


Our Lunch & Learn program gives us a more informal opportunity to cover issues or initiatives that impact our business, to learn new skills, and to build a culture that promotes learning, communication, and collaboration. Past Lunch & Learns have included topics such as SEO, social media and business, and innovations our trainers are using to better connect with learners.

Join our team and you could tell us about your next big idea or interesting hobby!


Ragnar Ragnar Utah Lake Century Bike Race

We work hard so we can play hard at Career Step! We’ve sponsored a number of Ragnar Relay Series, softball, and bike race teams over the past few years—and we love the opportunity to get out and spend time together while enjoying some friendly competition.

All of these events give us the chance to build stronger teams, get to know others who we may not normally work with, and strengthen our commitment to wellness.

Of course all of these events get a little crazy—so if you want to see tons more pictures and videos be sure to check out Career Step on Facebook and Instagram.

Other Activities

Macho Man

We have a lot of fun at Career Step, so there is usually something going on. In the summer we have a company picnic (this year it was a luau complete with dance lessons!), at Halloween we have an annual costume contest and invite employees’ children to trick-or-treat around the office, and there is—of course—the annual Christmas party.

Caution Cube

Different departments also often host team-building get-togethers and events. We like to eat so these usually revolve around food, but there are also opportunities to develop professional skills together or just enjoy a little friendly competition. Or, in the case of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, the chance to dump ice water on our executive team!