Administrative Assistant and Executive Assistant Salary Information and Resources

The most reputable source for information on administrative and executive assistant pay is the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, which is a branch of the U.S. Department of Labor. The Bureau of Labor Statistics' May 2015 data includes information on:

  • Average annual wages - The average administrative assistant salary is $35,200 a year, or an hourly average of nearly $17 an hour. Executive assistants generally earn more—the BLS reports average annual salaries of $55,460, or over $26 an hour.
  • Administrative assistant salary range - The report states that the salaries of the middle 50% of administrative assistants range between $26,630 and $42,690 a year.
  • Top employers by industry - The top 3 administrative assistant employers are elementary and secondary schools; colleges, universities, and professional schools; and local government. The pay scale of executive assistants and administrative assistant may vary by employers: elementary and secondary schools pay an average of $35,480 a year; colleges, universities, and professional schools pay an average of $37,690 a year; and local government pays an average of $38,820 a year.

Administrative assistants and executive assistants work across a broad range of industries, and the employers mentioned in the Bureau of Labor Statistics report simply employ the largest numbers. The salaries of an executive assistant and administrative assistant salary vary by geographic location, position, and the industry. Pay scales have the potential to increase as you gain experience.