At War With CKD: How Hemodialysis Techs Can Save the Day

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is a sneaky sort of evil—the 9th leading cause of death in the United States. That means the healthcare industry is in dire need of trained professionals with the knowledge and skill to diagnose, treat, and prevent this disease. This free white paper reviews the impact of CKD and outlines specific training opportunities for current and future healthcare professionals.

hemodialysis white paper

Fighting Back Against a Silent Killer

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The Impact of CKD

Find out who's at risk with hard-hitting stats — and discover what you can do to stem the tide.

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The Need for Trained Pros

Learn about the increasing need for skilled hemodialysis technicians with an in-depth job outlook and overview.

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The Road to Certification

Explore your options for quality training and learn what you need to get certified.

An Excerpt

A whopping 37 million Americans currently experience one form or another of kidney failure (approx. 1 in every 7 adults), while many sufferers are entirely unaware they have it. Meanwhile, the rest of us are too distracted by flashy headlines and yellow journalism to notice that CKD was quietly responsible for 50,633 deaths across the States in 2017. (123 million globally.)

We’re inching dangerously close to the edge of a precipice here. The world's population growth may be slowing due to several factors—greater longevity and a steady decline in the “natural increase”—but as we all continue to age, the number of people suffering from CKD will continue to multiply. And the number of qualified professionals throughout all of healthcare will start to dwindle…