Medical Coding and Billing Salary Range and Pay Scale

A career as a medical biller and coder is highly rewarding due to a fast-growing healthcare industry. This career not only offers a well-paying job but also a measure of security against recession. As in any industry, medical coding and billing pay information varies depending on the source. Career Step uses the 2016 Salary Survey published by the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) to determine medical biller and coder salary information as it most closely reflects the skillset of Career Step graduates:

  • One credential—Medical coding and billing professionals with one credential earn an average salary of $52,605 annually.
  • Two credentials—Professionals with two credentials earn an average salary of $60,305 annually.
  • Three credentials—Professionals with three or more credentials earn a salary of $66,999 annually.

Those who hold more credentials likely also have more years of experience than those holding one credential, so it should be noted that experience could also be a factor in the increase in salary.