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This bookkeeping training online program was designed to give students the skills they need to establish a bookkeeping career in various industries. Our specialized curriculum teaches students to use QuickBooks Pro as well as the Microsoft Office Suite of software, preparing them to start working immediately upon graduation.

Program Timeline

With full-time study, you’ll be certification-ready in just four months. But in case you need a less-intense timeline, we give you 12 months to finish the certified bookkeeper course.

Just 4 months of full-time study

Study Format

CareerStep programs are made to accommodate hectic schedules. This fully online professional bookkeeping program lets you train whenever and wherever works best for you—at home, at lunch, at midnight, you name it. Study at your own pace, and hit us up anytime you need help.

Learn from home (or anywhere)

Study online (anytime)


Need help getting through your certified professional bookkeeper course? We’re always here to help you meet your training and career goals. Our learner and technical support teams are ready to provide advice and answer questions—just give us a ring or drop us a line.

One-on-one support

Phone, live chat, and email

Professional Bookkeeping and Payroll Training Program Modules

Our 341-hour certified bookkeeper course online is divided into 30 modules, which cover everything from payroll management to reporting standards.

Introduction to Accounting

  • Get an overview of the course.

Analyzing Business Transactions

  • Recognize accounting transactions and record them in journals using proper formats.

Recording Transactions

  • Use accounting software and spreadsheets to input, manage, and interpret information.

Accounting for Sales and Purchases

  • Learn the difference between sales and purchases documentation.


  • Understand how payroll works.

Accrual, Deferrals, and the Worksheet

  • Apply the concepts of accrual accounting to transactions that span fiscal periods.

Financial Statements and Closing Procedures

  • Review financial statements and learn proper closing methods.

Course Exam

Introduction to QuickBooks Online Plus

  • Learn to use items in the context of QuickBooks Pro.

Creating a Company in Quickbooks

  • Create and use a company.

Sales and Receivables for Service Businesses

  • Analyze and record transactions for service and inventory businesses.

Payables and Purchases for Service Businesses

  • Conduct transactions for both customer and vendor requests.

General Accounting and End-of-Period Procedures

  • Work through the full accounting process for two full monthly business cycles.

Sales and Receivables: Products/Inventory, Sales Tax, and Discounts

  • Learn the ins and outs of tracking incoming and outgoing funds.

Payables and Purchases

  • Understand the basic terms.

General Accounting, End-of-Period Procedures, and Budgets

  • Use your knowledge to work through normal business cycles.


  • Prepare Payroll using QuickBooks Online Payroll.

Quickbooks Desktop, Mobile and Additional Features

  • Arm yourself with additional Quickbooks knowledge.

Course Exam

Microsoft Office Training Orientation

  • Understand our lesson structure.

Word 2019: Beginner

  • Employ the available search and review tools, including spell and grammar check, find and replace, copy, paste, and document view options.

Word 2019: Intermediate

  • Apply and modify styles, themes, templates, and building blocks.

Excel 2019: Beginner

  • Create, edit, delete, and format cells with options such as cell alignment; create basic, logical, financial, and text formulas.

Excel 2019: Intermediate

  • View, insert, copy, rename, hide, and delete worksheets, and freeze rows and columns.

Excel 2019: Advanced

  • Import, export, sort, and filter data; create tables and data validation rules; and remove duplicates.

Powerpoint 2019: Beginner

  • Understand the screen, change views, and use the Quick Access Toolbar. (And more).

Powerpoint 2019: Intermediate

  • Insert, edit, format, and position pictures, objects, shapes, tables, charts, and SmartArt.

Outlook 2019: Beginner

  • Navigate Outlook, delete, restore, and search for items, and use the view tab.

Outlook 2019: Intermediate

  • Categorize and sort items; create and search folders; and archive, import, and export information.

Final Exam

Professional Bookkeeping Certifications

Complete our bookkeeping training and pass the final practice exam, and you’ll be more than ready to ace the Intuit QuickBooks Certified User Online exam as well as the Microsoft Office Specialist: Associate credential.

QuickBooks Certified User (QBCU)

Microsoft Office Specialist: Associate