Microsoft Office Training Program Description

Stay ahead of the curve with online Microsoft Office 2019 training.

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Our Microsoft Office 2019 Training Certification program was designed to guide students through five core applications and prepare them to earn the Microsoft Office Specialist: Associate credential.

Program Timeline

With full-time study, you’ll be certification-ready in just three months. But in case you need a less-intense timeline, we give you 6 months to finish your Microsoft Office training.

Just 3 months of full-time study

Study Format

CareerStep programs are made to accommodate hectic schedules. That’s why our Microsoft Office training online program lets you train whenever and wherever works best for you—at home, at lunch, at midnight, you name it. Study at your own pace, and hit us up anytime you need help.

Learn from home (or anywhere)

Study online (anytime)


Need help getting through your Microsoft Office training courses? We’re always here to help. Our learner and technical support teams are ready to provide advice and answer questions—just give us a ring or drop us a line.

One-on-one support

Phone, live chat, and email

Microsoft Office 2019 Training Program Modules

Our 101-hour MS Office training is divided into several courses, which cover everything from calendar management to advanced Excel Spreadsheet functionality.

Microsoft Office Training Orientation (1 hour)

  • Understanding our lesson structure.
  • Downloading study tools.
  • Navigating training modules.

Word 2019: Beginner (10 hours)

  • Identifying and using the Ribbon, Quick Access Toolbar, tabs, scroll bars, cursor, ruler, and status bar.
  • Creating, saving, opening, editing, navigating, printing, sharing, and recovering a document.
  • Editing and formatting text with options such as alignment, fonts, lists,spacing, tab stops, page format, layout, paragraph alignment and spacing, and copy formatting.
  • Employing the available search and review tools, including spell and grammar check, find and replace, copy, paste, and document view options.

Word 2019: Intermediate (10 hours)

  • Creating, inserting, formatting, modifying, and sorting tables,pictures, screenshots, text boxes, shapes, WordArt, SmartArt, and charts.
  • Applying and modifying styles, themes, templates, and building blocks.
  • Adjusting margins, paper size, orientation, columns, page breaks, and headers and footers.

Word 2019: Advanced (8 hours)

  • Highlighting text, inserting and deleting comments, using track changes and line numbers, creating forms, and protecting documents.
  • Navigating long documents; using outline settings, bookmarks, and hyperlinks; inserting cross references; and creating index settings, footnotes, endnotes, citations, and tables of contents.
  • Using mail merge options and creating labels and envelopes.

Excel 2019: Beginner (12 hours)

  • Using the Quick Access Toolbar, title bar, display options, formula bar, and worksheet tab.
  • Creating, saving, opening, editing, navigating, and printing a worksheet.
  • Creating, editing, deleting, and formatting cells with options such as cell alignment, applying cell styles, splitting cells, merging cells, row and column titles, row and column width, hide and unhide, and page setup and view options.
  • Editing cell data using options and tools such as cut, copy, paste, AutoFill, text tools, and cell references.
  • Creating basic, logical, financial, and text formulas.

Excel 2019: Intermediate (8 hours)

  • Viewing, inserting, copying, renaming, hide, and deleting worksheets, and freezing rows and columns.
  • Creating, moving, and resizing charts; configuring chart titles, layout, and gridlines; and modifying chart data.
  • Configuring page size and scale, headers and footers, margins, and orientation, and managing print area, titles, and headings.

Excel 2019: Advanced (10 hours)

  • Importing, exporting, sorting and filtering data; creating tables and data validation rules; and removing duplicates.
  • Creating, formatting, and filtering PivotTables; changing a PivotTable’s calculation; inserting a timeline; and inserting and modifying PivotCharts.

Powerpoint 2019: Beginner (10 hours)

  • Understanding the screen, changing views, and using the Quick Access Toolbar.
  • Creating, saving, opening, navigating, and editing a presentation.
  • Creating, inserting, editing, formatting, deleting, and organizing the elements of a presentation.
  • Using slide show tools, converting presentations to video, and presenting online.

Powerpoint 2019: Intermediate (12 hours)

  • Inserting, editing, formatting, and positioning pictures, objects, shapes, tables, charts, and SmartArt.
  • Creating, formatting, and applying built-in and custom animations, transition effects, themes, backgrounds, and templates.
  • Creating custom slide layouts and using Slide, Handout, and Notes Masters.
  • Inserting and editing video, audio, and narration files in presentations.

Outlook 2019: Beginner (12 hours)

  • Navigating Outlook, deleting, restore, and searching for items, and using the view tab.
  • Using the mail tools to work with messages, including creating and sending email messages, using quick steps, managing junk mail and automatic messages, and organizing and sorting the inbox.
  • Managing contacts and calendars, including creating and organizing contacts and groups, creating and organizing appointments and events, sending and responding to meeting requests, and working with multiple calendars simultaneously.

Outlook 2019: Intermediate (8 hours)

  • Setting up Quick Steps, creating and managing rules, sharing email, and using themes, stationery, and email settings.
  • Following up with emails and creating, completing, viewing, and assigning tasks.
  • Categorizing and sorting items; creating and searching folders; and archiving, importing, and exporting information.

Final Exam

  • Test your knowledge.


Earn the Microsoft Office Specialist: Associate certification after you pass three exams.

Microsoft Office Specialist: Associate