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AHIMA approved. Career Step provides one of the only online medical coding and billing certificate programs to be approved by the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). Many employers require that you attend an AHIMA approved course.

Great job prospects. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts 29,000 new jobs by 2024—that’s good growth. In addition to the great growth, Career Step gives you an edge because we partner with some of the largest health systems in the country to provide in-house coding education and screening for new job applicants.

We’re handing out gifts. We’re celebrating our 25th anniversary of helping students like you train for a new career and change their lives for the better. Enroll by June 30, and we’ll give you up to $600 off your tuition OR a free laptop* so you can train from anywhere you have the internet.

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We've extended our offer! Get the training you need to change your future and begin a career you enjoy, and when you enroll by May 31, you’ll get free textbooks worth up to $350. You’ll also get a free laptop or up to $400 off your tuition!

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Professional Medical Coding and Billing with Applied PCS $600 off

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