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Enroll in Medical Coding and Billing by December 15 and get up to $500 off your tuition OR a FREE laptop* + free textbooks!

We are spotlighting our Medical Coding and Billing program this month, and that’s good news for you because it means extra discounts. Medical coding and billing plays a critical role in the growing healthcare industry.

How much do medical coders and billers make?

The salary of medical coders and billers can vary based on experience and the number of credentials held. Career Step uses the 2016 Salary Survey published by the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) to determine medical coder and biller salary information as it most closely reflects the skillset of Career Step graduates:

  • One credential—Medical coding and billing professionals with one credential earn an average salary of $52,605 annually.
  • Two credentials—Professionals with two credentials earn an average salary of $60,305 annually.
  • Three credentials—Professionals with three or more credentials earn a salary of $66,999 annually.

Those who hold more credentials likely also have more years of experience than those holding one credential, so it should be noted that experience could also be a factor in the increase in salary.

Why become a medical coder and biller?

Tricia, a registered nurse, wanted to be a voice for high-risk populations. She chose to go into medical coding and billing so she could make a difference in the lives of her patients.

Read more about why Tricia decided to go into medical coding and billing.

Why enroll with Career Step?

Take a look at three more reasons enrolling in Career Step’s Medical Coding and Billing program is a great idea:

AHIMA approved: Career Step provides one of the only online medical coding and billing certificate programs to be approved by the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). You’ll even get a one-year student membership to AHIMA when you enroll.

Certification exam voucher: When you graduate from Career Step’s Medical Coding and Billing program, you’ll receive a voucher to sit for one of four certification exams: CCA, CPC, CCS, and CCS-P. Make sure you talk with your instructor to decide which exam is best for you.

Great job prospects: The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts 27,000 new jobs by 2026—that’s good growth. In addition to the great growth, Career Step gives you an edge because we partner with some of the largest health systems in the country to provide in-house coding education and screening for new job applicants.

Enroll today so you don’t miss out on this special offer! The tuition discount is in addition to free textbooks, and savings are even available no matter how you pay your tuition:

  • $500 off or a free laptop for those who pay their tuition in a single payment when they enroll
  • $400 off for those who use a 3-month payment plan
  • $300 off for those who use a 12-month payment plan

Enroll by December 15 to take advantage of this spotlight offer.

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What Can You Save If You Choose The Tuition Discount?

Professional Medical Coding and Billing with Applied PCS $500 off

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