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What Can Career Step Graduate Recruiting Do For My Business?

Career Step graduate hiring and recruiting offers you the opportunity to quickly and easily find entry-level employees for your business. Career Step is currently training professionals as:

Whatever your hiring needs, Career Step can help you reduce recruiting costs by offering you access to our high-quality graduates from any of these programs at no cost to you!

Why Should I Hire Career Step Graduates?

Career Step has been training quality professionals for over 20 years, and the school's career-focused training produces graduates who are uniquely prepared to start working in their field of study. Career Step graduates are prepared with:

  • Real-world job skills and experience – In addition to practicing job skills in simulated workplace environments, Career Step graduates also learn foundational material such as industry language and terminology as well as business skills such as productivity and working on deadline.
  • Employer-requested skills – Career Step has relationships with hundreds of employers and frequently updates its curriculum to ensure graduates are gaining the skills you're looking for in the industry.

Partner with Career Step to quickly find the best entry-level employees!

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How Does Recruiting Through Career Step Work?

Career Step offers a simple recruiting process:

  • Step 1: Provide company details and hiring specifics – Fill out a quick company profile and provide information on the type of professionals you're looking for.
  • Step 2: Let Career Step spread the word – Career Step Graduate Advisors will send information to Career Step graduates who meet your requirements, letting them know you're hiring.
  • Step 3: Hire the best – Interested graduates complete your standard application process, providing you with a much larger applicant pool to hire from.

Dedicated Career Step Graduate Advisors walk you through this process step-by-step—making it easy to quickly find the applicants you're looking for—and will stay in contact with you to ensure your hiring needs are met.

Who Else is Hiring Career Step Graduates?

Companies of all sizes from across the nation recruit and hire Career Step graduates. Here are just a few partners who have hired our graduates:

Hire Career Step Graduates

How Do I Partner With Career Step to Hire Graduates for My Business?

To get started, contact us today at:

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