Referral Program FAQs

If you have not already done so, officially sign-up for our Referral program at This is a very simple sign-up process that only takes a minute or two. You will then receive an email with your specific referrer ID and a link to your unique referral webpage.

This webpage is where you should send any interested friends (notice that it has your name and referrer ID on it). This page is embedded with your information, so when someone fills out the form requesting more information you’ll automatically be listed in our system as their referrer. Whenever someone enrolls after requesting information from your webpage, you’ll receive the referral commission.

Your contacts can also call 800-411-7073 to get more information or enroll, but they'll need to be sure to mention your name and referrer ID in order for you to be given credit.

Send an email to with your name and request.

In order to make sure you receive referral credit, your friend will need to provide your referrer ID number. Each referrer is assigned a referrer ID number that is different from their student ID number. You should have received this number in an email welcoming you to the Referral program when you enrolled with CareerStep or signed up for the Referral program. If you cannot locate that email, please send an email to with your name and request.

Send an email to with your name and updated address.

Yes, simply have the student you referred send an email to and let us know you referred them. Make sure they include your name and email address.

Referral payouts are typically made through a gift card that will be emailed from around the 20th of the month following the enrollment, so if your friend enrolled in August, you will receive an email around the 20th of September for that referral. Be sure and check your spam or promotions folder as sometimes they get delivered there. If you still don’t see it, send an email to

You can find the most up-to-date information on the promotions we’re running for new students here.

See what makes CareerStep different in our quick introduction.

Our standard referral payout is:

  • $100 per enrollment for 1-2 enrollments a month
  • $200 per enrollment for 3-4 enrollments a month
  • $250 per enrollment for 5+ enrollments a month

So if someone you refer enrolls in August, you would receive $100. If 3 people your refer enroll in September, you would receive $600 ($200 for each enrollment). And then if you had a great month in October and 5 people you refer enroll, you would receive $1,250 ($250 for each referral).

We occasionally run special promotions for referrers that may increase what you would receive.

Unfortunately, when your referral enrolls through one of CareerStep's academic partners, CareerStep cannot offer a referral payout for these enrollments. We have partnerships with over 150 colleges and universities nationwide that offer our programs through their institutions. However, we are legally prohibited from offering any type of incentivized program for enrollments through these institutions.

The best way is to send her to your Referral webpage, which you can find at if you substitute the last five digits with your referrer ID. If your friend fills out the request information form on your webpage, we will contact them right away to provide more information and answer any questions and you will automatically be listed with their information in our system as the referrer. If your friend enrolls after requesting information from your page you’ll automatically receive the referral commission.

Unfortunately, we are unable to credit referral payouts toward tuition payments or extension purchases as these transactions are processed through separate systems.

The Referral Program only offers payouts when individuals you refer to CareerStep enroll in one of our career training programs with a cost of at least $2,000 or more. If the program cost is below that total your referral does not qualify for a payout.

The referral program does not offer direct deposit. Referral payments are in the form of a gift card sent out by email from a company called Tremendous to the email address we have on file around the 20th of the month following the enrollment. Once you get your email, you’ll be able to visit their site and decide whether to transfer your balance to a bank account or receive a gift card. Be sure and check all of your email folders as sometimes it will go to spam or promotion folder.

If your referral earnings in a given year total $600 or more, you will receive a W-9 form that you will need to fill out and return to CareerStep. You will then receive a 1099 form noting your earnings for the year, which you would need to include with your income taxes. The 1099 forms will be mailed out no later than January 31st.

The CareerStep Referral Program is designed to help you be successful. We’ve developed a number of resources to help you improve your efforts and earn more.

  • Your Referrer Webpage – You can find your referrer webpage at if you substitute the last five digits with your referrer ID. Sending your contacts to your specific page ensures you get credit for them when they enroll in a qualifying CareerStep program.
  • Referral Resource Center – In the resource center, you’ll find more information to help you better understand CareerStep’s courses and provide tools you can use to share them with others.

As a referrer, you are not authorized to offer any incentives—other than the promotions we run—to encourage others to enroll in a CareerStep program. Your referrals need to be people who have decided to enroll without any additional incentives from you and who fully intend to work through the entire program.