Pharmacy Technician

Gladys Aragon

Gladys wanted to work in healthcare and was looking for a school that would allow her to study around her busy university class schedule. Career Step proved the perfect fit!

David Wedding

David used his unemployment retraining funding to cover his tuition as he trained to be a pharmacy technician. Though the job search was tough, it was all worth it.

Maisha Martin

As a newly-divorced, single mother of 2, Maisha needed training that would quickly prepare her for a career that would allow her to support herself and her family.

Brittany Emerine

As a military spouse, Brittany needed to find a MyCAA-approved school with flexible online training that she could fit around everything else going on in her life.

Jessica Cumber

Jessica was able to become a licensed pharmacy technician, a career that fit her life as a military spouse.

Kristin Choate

After graduating from college in a field that didn't offer many employment opportunities, Kristin trained as a pharmacy technician and now has a rewarding career she enjoys.

Rebekah Hutchins

Rebekah became a pharmacy technician in order to put herself through college and shares what it's like working in a pharmacy.

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