Veterinary Salary

Veterinary Assistant Salary Information and Resources

The most reputable source for information on veterinary assistant pay is the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, which is a division of the U.S. Department of Labor. The Bureau of Labor Statistics groups veterinary assistants with laboratory animal caretakers, and its May 2015 data includes information on:

  • Average annual wages - On average these professionals earned $25,940 a year, or an hourly average of over $12 an hour.
  • Salary range - The report states that the middle 50% of veterinary assistants earn between $20,340 and $29,690 a year.
  • Top employers by industry - The top employers of veterinary assistants are the veterinary services industry (which includes private clinics and animal hospitals), colleges and universities, and research facilities. These different employers vary in the amount they pay: veterinary service providers pay an average of $24,890 a year, colleges and universities pay an average of $35,530 a year, and research facilities pay an average of $32,790 a year.

The employers mentioned in the Bureau of Labor Statistics report simply employ the largest numbers of veterinary assistants. As in any industry, salaries are determined by a number of factors. The veterinary assistant salary you can expect will depend on your geographic location and the facility you end up working in, and it has the potential to increase as you gain experience.