Employers hire our learners

"We just hired two new CareerStep graduates yesterday who passed our test with flying colors! . . . I'm really thrilled with the way this is working out . . . It's helped make our hiring process ten times more efficient and productive than before we partnered with you."

— Paul Tricoli, CEO, Princeton Transcription

"We've hired a number of CareerStep graduates, and we've been very happy with the quality of the work that they've done at our organization. We love the way that the program tests and evaluates them along the process, and it's really helped us select those who are really shining stars."

— Dave Jensen, Founder/Chairman of Aviacode

"I contacted you about a year ago looking for a transcriptionist and ended up hiring two. I am extremely pleased with both of them, so thought that since I am in need again, I would go through you. Thanks so much!"

— Nina, MINDKO Medical Transcription

"Our company has hired 5 of your graduates and they have all done very well, and I credit your school with this. It is obvious that you prepare them well, as seen in the ease in which they adapt and turn out quality reports. . . . I will continue to hire graduates of CareerStep and want you to know that we appreciate the well-rounded education you provide."

— Barbara, M-Scribe Technologies, Inc.

"We've been so impressed with CareerStep and their graduates. CareerStep as an organization has always impressed us-they're so top-notch, so on top of this industry. They too are always re-tooling, every day, every month, all of their curriculum."

— Jane Bates, Vice President of Human Resources at Amphion

Our learners succeed

"CareerStep has provided me with a wonderful opportunity to start a new career. Thanks to the intense course, I feel confident in starting my new career. . . . I know I would not be able to do this work if your course had not been so complete."

— Cheryl, Indiana

"CareerStep was the best thing that ever happened to me... I love the opportunity that CareerStep has given me. The knowledge I have obtained from CareerStep can take me anywhere I want to go. They provide the groundwork to a lifelong career."

— Susan, Missouri

"I love CareerStep! When I enrolled, I thought that this was going to be a hard, lonely road. I was wrong. When I enrolled, I joined a team and gained a family. I was never alone. If I needed help or had a question, all I had to do was email student support or post on the forum. Everybody was so friendly and knowledgeable. They always gave you the feeling that they were only there for one reason—to see you succeed."

— Danielle, New Mexico

"I couldn't be happier with the CareerStep program. The course material was so thorough, and it was presented in a way that was really easy to understand on your own."

— Taylor, California

"Thanks to the quality of my training, the support that I received, and the well-deserved reputation of the CareerStep program, I got my first job exactly one month after graduation. Still at it, still learning and still very, very grateful for the knowledge, skills, and support I received with CareerStep."

— Jeff, Illinois

"CareerStep is incredible! Thanks to the awesome staff, helpful student community, and overall easy-to-follow course, I was able to find a great job!"

— Christina, Indiana

"I was employed within a month of graduation and it was the easiest hiring process I have ever experienced. I absolutely LOVE my job! Thank you, CareerStep!"

— Debra, Colorado

"I am so happy I chose CareerStep. Not only do they have an excellent program, they even help you find employment after you graduate."

— Aura, California

"I just have to say that CareerStep has TRULY changed my life!! You work so hard for a 2- or 4-year college degree and then are left with no on-the-job experience and no employment when you've graduated. Yet with CareerStep, I was able to complete the course in less than a year, had training that left me fully prepared and equipped, and was contacted by a recruiter a few days after graduating!"

— Heidi, Maryland

"Before CareerStep I was enrolled in another medical transcription program. After this first program, I started applying for jobs. I applied for about 3 months and never got past the transcription portion to be interviewed. Finally, feeling frustrated, I enrolled in CareerStep. The program did take me more than a year to complete, but I got a job 2 weeks after graduation. This program prepare the student for the real world medical transcription positions. Anyone wanting to secure a job in the medical transcription field should study with CareerStep. I wish I had gone through them the first time."

— Kimberly, California

"I recently graduated from CareerStep with honors, and I was employed within 1 month. I actually had the option of choosing which company I wanted to go with. . . . I love my stay-at-home job, hours, etc."

— Jacqueline, Montana

"I was concerned that in this economy I was going to have a hard time finding a job after graduating. Also, everyone talks so much about companies not hiring new graduates, but from the day I received my final exam results, it took me 14 days to find a great job! I scored very well on the company test, and I know it was due to my training in the CareerStep program!"

— Danielle, Idaho

"I had 2 job offers on the same day less than a week after I graduated with Honors! I would recommend CareerStep's training to anyone!"

— Tara, Nebraska

"I made it through the course in a little less than a year, and I got hired less than 48 hours after I took the final!! . . . I have many friends who have gone to other schools and are still unemployed. Thankfully, I chose the right school that has a great reputation of producing top-notch students. CareerStep really prepared me for employee testing and, ultimately, employment."

— Lana, Arizona

"Overall, I was very pleased with everything that CareerStep had to offer. I was attracted to CareerStep because I am a military spouse, and I was looking for a new career that would be easy to transfer, as my family transfers from one base to another. . . . As a new graduate, I look forward to all the new opportunities that CareerStep has opened up to me."

— Elizabeth, Louisiana

"I started working part-time as a pharmacy technician as a college student and began working full-time once I graduated. Now I stay home with my three children but my experiences with drug knowledge, insurance claims, and doctors' offices has helped me as a mother. I am more educated about my children's healthcare and my own, which helps me make smart decisions for our family. The time I spent working as a pharmacy technician was invaluable."

— Sarah

"I was able to get a job within 3 weeks of graduating, which was largely related to the CareerStep name on my resume. I have talked to people and read that many new grads from other schools are looking for work for 4 to 6 months. I love my job and, while I am still learning the details of the job, I was well prepared for the work!"

— Amanda, Texas

"CareerStep changed everything for me! he program was challenging and, ultimately, rewarding! I went on to become nationally certified soon after completing the course. . . . Thank you for the new career and life!"

— Vanessa, West Virginia

"I worked as a pharmacy technician for 4 years to support myself through nursing school. The pay was great and it helped me get familiar with the names of many drugs and their uses. I gained experience with patients, doctor offices, and insurance companies, which gave me a broader understanding of how the medical system worked. This knowledge has enabled me to be a better advocate and educator as a nurse.

— Deborah

"I was very fortunate to find a job . . . within the first month. While I found the course to be exactly what it was advertised to be and I was very pleased with the training I received, I cannot say enough about Graduate Support! I was not expecting the level of involvement with my job search that CareerStep provided. In my opinion, CareerStep does not consider you to have completed the course until you have found employment!"

— Jennifer, Arkansas

"I currently work for a national healthcare consulting company and thanks to the CareerStep program my career is advancing very rapidly. I am taking the AAPC exam in the next few weeks and I feel very comfortable thanks to the CareerStep program. Without CareerStep I never would have been ready for the national exam. The setup of the program was very user friendly and if I ever had a question it was answered in a very prompt manner. I have referred others to the program and my co-workers have also mentioned the program to others looking to prepare for the certification exam. THANK YOU CAREERSTEP!!!!"

— Rachel, Indiana

"I really enjoyed completing the CareerStep training. I'm proud that I can look back and say that I finished the program after all it took for me to get to the end. (My husband is in the military and we moved halfway through my training.) I look forward to settling down (we recently moved again!) and . . . finding a position in the field that fits my life."

— Charlene, Nebraska

"Being a pharmacy technician was a good experience to have early on in my working life. I have learned valuable customer service skills, great attention to detail, and strong abilities to work in a team. These skills are great to have in my everyday life as well in the working environment. I have also enjoyed getting to know the regular customers and found confidence and contentment in helping others. This is a great career to be in!"

— Natalie

"When I went for my interview, because of my thorough CareerStep training, I was hired on the spot. The company owner was amazed at my transcription skills compared to applications from local schools/colleges. I really like being a medical transcriptionist, and am so excited to have a career where I can work from my home."

— Linda, Tennessee

"The experience with CareerStep was a wonderful one. I was working two jobs and raising my newborn son while taking these courses, and the program is so convenient that even I was able to find the appropriate time."

— Stephen, Rhode Island

"I'm a military spouse and CareerStep changed my life—thank you! It's wonderful to be able to stay with ONE job and ONE employer even though we move every 2 years or so."

— Heidi, Maryland

"The CareerStep course is challenging, fun, and well organized. I am a recent graduate ..., and I had no problem finding my first job. I am excited, confident in my skills, and thrilled to start my new career. ...Yes, it is challenging and stressful at times, but the CareerStep staff and forum are there to help whenever needed. Good luck!"

— Kimberly, Missouri

"I finished the pharmacy tech program in two months, started my externship with Walgreens and landed a job with them before my externship was even complete. I love this program it's very user friendly."

— Virginia

"I finished my training with CareerStep just a month before my baby was born. I started looking for a job when he was four weeks old and was working when he was six weeks old. I love that my new career gives me the opportunity to stay home with my baby! I was impressed by how easy it was to find work once the employer knew I was trained by CareerStep. With the help of this program, I was completely prepared for my new job. I have been recommending them to all of my friends."

— Kandis

"I have in the past tried an online course for medical billing to work from home, which was a hoax. Since then I have been very skeptical of online courses that state, 'Earn good money while working at home.' If it were not for the vocational rehab that referred me to CareerStep, I would have never given them a chance. I now can say I am definitely glad I did. That staff is amazingly helpful even after graduation, which nowadays is hard to find.I would refer CareerStep to any of those skeptical people like me. This is definitely worth a shot if you want to work from home."

— Dawn, California

"I did not know if I could be effective in this field as a T2 paraplegic. I had a deep desire to be a medical transcriptionist, so I kept positive and just went for it. I am now a medical transcription graduate and looking forward to finding employment. Carry on, and it will be worth all the effort you put forth!"

— Michelle, Alabama

"As an Air Force wife, I hope that many other military spouses take advantage of the opportunity to get such great career training through CareerStep!"

— Bryn, Ohio

"CareerStep's Pharmacy Technician program was very well designed to prepare me for the certification process. . . . As I was preparing for the final exam, I scheduled my certification with PTCB, and within a week I was able to schedule the certification test and successfully pass that exam. The self-directing classwork with technical and education support available as needed worked very well, allowing me to move through the course at my own speed."

— Martin, Minnesota

"I was always very skeptical when it came to taking courses online. I always felt that it would be better to be in a classroom environment, but when I started CareerStep, boy did I get comfortable quick. I was amazed at how much support was there for me, and I sure did use it. The student support team was always there to listen to me and encourage me and help me get my mind back on track. . . . They helped me with anything and everything . . . WOW! Thank you so much, CareerStep!"

— Tiffany, White Sands Missile Range

"I can't thank all of you at CareerStep enough! I passed the PTCE in November and started a new job at a locally owned pharmacy the first week of January! With my husband in the Army, I'm so grateful to have a"mobile" career that is so rewarding and that I really enjoy. I truly couldn't have done it without you!"

— Nicole, North Carolina

Our partnerships

"I have found the courses that Career tep offers are always state of the art, using the most recent technology, updating to stay current with changes in the industries and accommodating needs of employers nationwide. . . . The courses are never stagnant, they continue to tweak and improve their teaching constantly."

— Chris Foster, Emily Griffith Technical College

"I would recommend CareerStep to any organization seeking to expand program offerings to meet needs of the healthcare industry by providing a qualified workforce. . . . Our students are pleased to learn that many of the programs prepare students for online jobs where the market is not dependent strictly on the local healthcare industry. This is a consideration for military spouses or anyone that requires relocation."

— Sherrie Lock, Coordinator, Health & Environmental CE, Gulf Coast State College

"This partnership has been incredibly beneficial from day one! First of all, the staff has been absolutely amazing; always willing to help and make the transition completely simple. The quality of the programs and the variety of promotions for the students have been wonderful. . . . They have been available and accommodating to all of our students, even the most"labor intensive" ones. . . . On behalf of my department and college, we look forward to working with CareerStep for years to come!"

— Carolyn DeJohn, Coordinator of Community Education, Mohawk Valley Community College

"CareerStep is highly responsive to needs specific to our college and community; always innovative and open to new ideas. CareerStep coordinates and assists with marketing, provides information sessions for the public, and maintains an efficient registration process to allow students rapid access to the course. It is always a pleasure working with CareerStep representatives as they exemplify professionalism and customer service."

— Sherrie Lock, Coordinator, Health & Environmental CE, Gulf Coast State College

"When UNM Continuing Education first decided to offer CareerStep training, we began slowly with the expectation of a small interest and limited enrollments. We have tripled our expectation and since added two additional training programs with a fourth in consideration. CareerStep has quality training at a reasonable cost and many benefits that make this program stand above the rest."

— Loree Nalin, Program Supervisor, UNM Continuing Education

"We have had great success, particularly with the Inpatient and Outpatient Medical Coding and Billing course. We have a 96% pass rate for students taking the AHIMA or AAPC tests upon completion of their program. The national pass rate is around 67%-so I think that speaks to the quality of the course CareerStep offers."

— Chris Foster, Emily Griffith Technical College

"CareerStep programs have provided us with high quality programs. The team, from instructors to support, is always available and helpful. Our students have been very pleased with the dynamic programs that have provided them with careers. Thank you CareerStep!"

— Linda Bolick, Program Manager, Corporate and Continuing Education/Health and Human Services, York Technical College

"As an instructor and an educational partner, I love working with CareerStep. They take care of any concerns immediately. They are more than fair, and their customer service is beyond anything I have ever experienced. . . . I guess the most important thing I can say about this company is that they truly understand that OUR success is THEIR success and we are all working together to create a truly exceptional educational opportunity for people everywhere . . . I am proud to be an educator offering the CareerStep programs."

— Chris Foster, Emily Griffith Technical College