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Pharmacy Technician Externships

Add On-The-Job Training to Your Education

Career Step has teamed up with Walgreens and CVS Pharmacy to offer our students and graduates externships with these large retail pharmacies! Career Step’s externship partnerships offer students:

    Walgreens and CVS Externships available now!
  1. Hands-on training and experience – After you’ve developed a solid foundation of pharmacy knowledge, you’ll work with your instructor to find externship opportunities in your local area. During your externship you’ll use the knowledge and skills you learned in the online program, helping you learn these concepts even better and ensuring that you’re prepared for your first job after graduation.
  2. National certification preparation – Whether your state requires national certification or not (check our State Requirements pdf for more info) being certified makes it easier to get a job and may increase your earning potential. Completing an externship allows you to see the real world application of the concepts you’re learning, which makes them easier to remember for the test.
  3. Networking opportunities – With a Walgreens or CVS externship, you’ll have the opportunity to meet pharmacists and other pharmacy technicians in your local area, giving you a wider network when you start looking for a job after graduation.

Career Step students nationwide can take advantage of these partnerships, cementing the knowledge and skills they learn in the online program and expanding their pharmacy technician education with hands-on experience.

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  • The pharmacy technician industry expects over 70,000 new jobs in the next few years. Find out if this is the career for you!

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    Career Step graduate, Iris, describes her experience with the online school as she chose to study with Career Step as a pharmacy technician. -Iris Watch Video »
  • Reason #01
    Big Bang for Your Buck

    "I definitely got my money’s worth with Career Step…" -Ruth, Tennessee See More Reasons »
  • "I took the PTCB national test this last month and passed it just fine. The program did well in preparing me for the test—I especially liked the final exam. I felt like it helped prepare me really well! I just recently got a call from a Walgreen's pharmacy nearby and they offered me a job!" -Taylor, Utah Read More Reviews »
  • "Thanks to the quality of my training, the support that I received, and the well-deserved reputation of the Career Step program, I got my first job exactly one month after graduation. Still at it, still learning and still very, very grateful for the knowledge, skills, and support I received with Career Step." -Jeff, Illinois Read More Reviews »
  • "I was able to get a job within 3 weeks of graduating, which was largely related to the Career Step name on my resume. I have talked to people and read that many new grads from other schools are looking for work for 4 to 6 months. I love my job and, while I am still learning the details of the job, I was well prepared for the work!" -Amanda, Texas Read More Reviews »
  • "I started working part-time as a pharmacy technician as a college student and began working full-time once I graduated. Now I stay home with my three children but my experiences with drug knowledge, insurance claims, and doctors' offices has helped me as a mother. I am more educated about my children's healthcare and my own, which helps me make smart decisions for our family. The time I spent working as a pharmacy technician was invaluable." -Sarah Zarsky Read More Reviews »
  • "I can't thank all of you at Career Step enough! I passed the PTCE in November and started a new job at a locally owned pharmacy the first week of January! With my husband in the Army, I'm so grateful to have a "mobile" career that is so rewarding and that I really enjoy. I truly couldn't have done it without you!" -Nicole, North Carolina Read More Reviews »
  • "I feel the Career Step program has prepared me with the knowledge I need to perform pharmacy technician duties (Latin abbreviations, top drugs, etc.). The authentic prescriptions, the pill counter, and the retail software labs were very helpful in preparing me for the practical pharmacy technician duties. I feel I've learned skills/knowledge in the externship that will help me on the PTCB exam and future employment. The pharmacy I was externing with expressed interest in hiring me long-term once I become certified." -David, Utah Read More Reviews »
  • "I have been working in a pharmacy for almost 4 months now. I'm very happy with my position as a pharmacy technician. The Career Step program has helped tremendously! Everything in the program has helped in one way or another." -Sarah, Indiana Read More Reviews »
  • "I took the PTCE one week after I completed the course and passed on the first try. I started my externship at a local Walgreens pharmacy and within a week, they offered me a position. I finished my externship, completed their training program, and have been employed with them for several months now. I wanted to thank you all at Career Step for an amazing experience. It truly has been life changing!" -Kerra, Virginia Read More Reviews »
  • "I was very fortunate to find a job . . . within the first month. While I found the course to be exactly what it was advertised to be and I was very pleased with the training I received, I cannot say enough about Graduate Support! I was not expecting the level of involvement with my job search that Career Step provided. In my opinion, Career Step does not consider you to have completed the course until you have found employment!" -Jennifer, Arkansas Read More Reviews »
  • "I was well prepared for my externship in terms of my understanding of Latin abbreviations and standard practices. I actually completed the retail practice module before starting and found the labs on how to type up prescriptions very helpful. . ." -Elizabeth, Utah Read More Reviews »
  • "I feel this externship is making me more comfortable and confident to go into a pharmacy technician position. I am very happy about having this opportunity!" -Brittany, North Carolina Read More Reviews »
  • "Overall, I was very pleased with everything that Career Step had to offer. I was attracted to Career Step because I am a military spouse, and I was looking for a new career that would be easy to transfer, as my family transfers from one base to another. . . . As a new graduate, I look forward to all the new opportunities that Career Step has opened up to me." -Elizabeth, Louisiana Read More Reviews »
  • "I learned loads every day in my externship. There are still things I need to improve on and learn more about, but I feel much more prepared and competent than I did at the beginning. It was helpful to put the things I learned in theory to practical use. . . Also, the Walgreens I was placed in already offered me a job, and now that I've passed my final and PTCB test, I'll hopefully start soon." -Elizabeth, Utah Read More Reviews »
  • "Career Step gave me the training I needed to confidently begin a new career . . . Within a month of graduation I was hired and feel that every day I have used the knowledge gained from Career Step. Thanks for an excellent course!" -Neilia, Fort Riley Read More Reviews »
  • "I worked as a pharmacy technician for 4 years to support myself through nursing school. The pay was great and it helped me get familiar with the names of many drugs and their uses. I gained experience with patients, doctor offices, and insurance companies, which gave me a broader understanding of how the medical system worked. This knowledge has enabled me to be a better advocate and educator as a nurse." -Deborah Petersen Read More Reviews »
  • "I was always very skeptical when it came to taking courses online. I always felt that it would be better to be in a classroom environment, but when I started Career Step, boy did I get comfortable quick. I was amazed at how much support was there for me, and I sure did use it. The student support team was always there to listen to me and encourage me and help me get my mind back on track. . . . They helped me with anything and everything . . . WOW! Thank you so much, Career Step!" -Tiffany, White Sands Missile Range Read More Reviews »
  • Reason #19
    Step-by-Step Learning

    "The Career Step program is well-designed . . . Step by step, it leads the student through learning . . ." -Debra, Ontario See More Reasons »
  • "Career Step’s Pharmacy Technician program was very well designed to prepare me for the certification process. . . . As I was preparing for the final exam, I scheduled my certification with PTCB, and within a week I was able to schedule the certification test and successfully pass that exam. The self-directing classwork with technical and education support available as needed worked very well, allowing me to move through the course at my own speed." -Martin, Minnesota Read More Reviews »
  • "Career Step has provided me with a wonderful opportunity to start a new career. Thanks to the intense course, I feel confident in starting my new career. . . . I know I would not be able to do this work if your course had not been so complete." -Cheryl, Indiana Read More Reviews »
  • "Being a pharmacy technician was a good experience to have early on in my working life. I have learned valuable customer service skills, great attention to detail, and strong abilities to work in a team. These skills are great to have in my everyday life as well in the working environment. I have also enjoyed getting to know the regular customers and found confidence and contentment in helping others. This is a great career to be in!" -Natalie Schilling Read More Reviews »
  • "I finished the pharmacy tech program in two months, started my externship with Walgreens and landed a job with them before my externship was even complete. I love this program it's very user friendly." -Virginia Read More Reviews »
  • "I couldn't be happier with the Career Step program. The course material was so thorough, and it was presented in a way that was really easy to understand on your own." -Taylor, California Read More Reviews »
  • "I do feel the Pharmacy Technician program I just completed through Career Step prepared me very well both for the PTCE and the externship. In fact, the PTCE was, if anything, something of a letdown in that it did not seem as challenging as I thought it was going to be. . ." -David, Arizona Read More Reviews »
  • "Being a pharmacy technician has been such a great experience! Wherever I move, I can always find a pharm tech job because the profession is in such high demand and being nationally certified has given me a competitive edge over other applicants. Working as a pharmacy technician is an excellent healthcare career and also offers many opportunities for career growth." -Rebekah, Texas Read More Reviews »
  • "The experience with Career Step was a wonderful one. I was working two jobs and raising my newborn son while taking these courses, and the program is so convenient that even I was able to find the appropriate time." -Stephen, Rhode Island Read More Reviews »
  • "Career Step’s Pharmacy Technician program was very well designed to prepare me for the certification process. . . . As I was preparing for the final exam, I scheduled my certification with PTCB, and within a week I was able to schedule the certification test and successfully pass that exam. The self-directing classwork with technical and education support available as needed worked very well, allowing me to move through the course at my own speed." -Martin, Minnesota Read More Reviews »
  • "The externship went extremely well, and I learned a lot. The manager told me that it was great working with me and thanked me for my help. She also wanted me to tell you that she would be interested in receiving another Career Step student later this summer." -Wes, California Read More Reviews »
  • Reason #18
    Employment Focused Training

    "The training you get from Career Step is just like the work you will receive when you start working." -Dana, North Carolina See More Reasons »