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As a leading online school, Career Step's vocational training programs provide you with all the resources to develop the skills and knowledge you need to start working after graduation. To view complete pricing details for an individual course, please click on the program name or the More Info button.

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Healthcare Training
Professional Medical Coding and Billing with Applied PCS $3,395 Enroll Online
Medical Transcription Editor

Up to $500 off through Feb. 29! Click to learn more.

$2,995 Enroll Online
Pharmacy Technician

Up to $800 off through Feb. 29! Click to learn more.

$1,995 Enroll Online
Medical Billing $1,995 Enroll Online
Administrative Training
Medical Office Manager $3,695 Enroll Online
Medical Administrative Assistant with EHR $2,595 Enroll Online
Executive Assistant $1,995 Enroll Online
Veterniary Assistant $1,995 Enroll Online
Technology Training
Healthcare IT $3,695 Enroll Online
Computer Technician $1,995 Enroll Online
Microsoft Office Bundle $499 Enroll Online
Microsoft Access $149 Enroll Online
Microsoft Excel $149 Enroll Online
Microsoft Outlook $149 Enroll Online
Microsoft PowerPoint $149 Enroll Online
Microsoft Word $149 Enroll Online
Continuing Education
ICD-9 for ICD-10 Coders $695 Enroll Online
ICD-10 for ICD-9 Coders $695 Enroll Online
Career FastTrack: Medical Transcription Editing $600 Enroll Online
RHDS Exam Prep $175 Enroll Online

*$200 is the minimum down payment for some but not all of our programs. Financed programs are not eligible for most promotional offers.