Army Credentialing Assistance Program (Army COOL)

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With Army COOL, we provide more options for Soldiers to earn professional credentials, increasing their employment/promotion opportunities.

  • Civilian Job Prep
  • Promotion Points
  • Fully Online Training
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See if You Qualify for Army Credentialing Assistance

One of our Military Career Advisors will reach out to see if you qualify and walk you through the application process:

What is army cool

What is Army COOL?

Army Credentialing Opportunities Online—or Credentialing Assistance—pays up to $4,000 for training and exams that lead to civilian certifications and licenses.

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Who Qualifies for Army Credentialing Assistance?

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Regular Army
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Active Guard/Reserve (AGR)
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U.S. Army Reserve (USAR)
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Army National Guard (ARNG)

How to Apply for Army COOL

Our dedicated Military Career Advisors know this process inside, out. If you’d like to apply for Credentialing Assistance, they’ll walk you through the process:

  1. Talk to one of our dedicated Military Career Advisors (they can help).
  2. Contact your ESO/ESS to discuss the CA application process and verify eligibility.
  3. Create an ArmyIgnitED account.
  4. Request Credentialing Assistance.
  5. Work with your Career Advisor to complete the process and start your training.

All requests must be submitted a minimum of 30 days prior to course/exam start date.

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CareerStep & Army Credentialing Assistance

Our goal is to help you gain new skills outside your MOS, increase your employment opportunities after discharge, and ease your transition to civilian life. All our programs are self-paced, backed by industry experts, and accessible from anywhere with a secure WiFi connection.

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Civilian Job Prep

When you’re ready to return to civilian life, you’ll need a plan. We’ll help make this transition easier by teaching you relevant skills that employers value.

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Promotion Points

Our training will prepare you to earn certifications that can lead to advancements and promotions in the military world.

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Fully Online Training

Your life is unpredictable, and you need a training solution that can keep pace. All our programs are online by design—which means you can take your training almost anywhere with a high-speed internet connection.

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Dedicated Military Career Advisors

Our team is here for you. They understand your life comes with its own set of priorities and obstacles, and many of our dedicated Military Career Advisors have experience in the armed forces.

Ready to Speak With a Dedicated Military Career Advisor?

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