vPedal Information

Congratulations! You have just received your vPedal USB foot pedal! This foot pedal consists of three pedals that do different functions when pressed and held down. The middle pedal will play the audio. The smaller pedal on the left will rewind the audio and the smaller pedal on the right will fast forward.

Foot pedal figure 1

To get this foot pedal to work correctly you will need to install the foot pedal controller from the course. If you are enrolled in the Medical Transcription course you will be prompted to install this on page 19 in the Program Orientation. If you are enrolled in the Medical Transcription Editor course you will be prompted to install this on page 9 of Introduction to Transcription. You can check to see if the foot pedal control is installed correctly at any time by clicking on the CSTS button at the bottom of any page of the course except the home page.

Foot pedal figure 2

This will take you to the Technical Support Information Page where you can view different information about your student account and your computer system. If the foot pedal control is not installed correctly, or needs troubleshooting, the Foot Pedal Information section will look like this-

Foot pedal figure 3

If the foot pedal control is installed and working correctly you will get a message that looks like this-

Foot pedal figure 4

Troubleshooting for the vPedal

Sometimes the foot pedal will not work or may seem to not work correctly. If that is the case please try applying the browser specific solution first. If that does not resolve the problem scroll down to read through some of our other troubleshooting steps to try resolving the problem.

Browser Specific Solutions:

  • I am using Internet Explorer-
    • Open Internet Explorer and press Alt and T to drop the Tools menu
    • Click Compatibility view settings
    • Add careerstep.com into the Add this website box and click Add
    • Click Close
    • Restart your computer
  • I am using Mozilla Firefox-
    • Click Tools or hold Alt and press T to drop the Tools menu down.
    • Click Add-Ons
    • Click the blue Plugins section on the left.
    • Find QuickTime and change the drop down menu on the right to show Always Activate.
    • Find the Javascript Pedal and change the drop down menu on the right to show Always Activate.
    • Close out of the Add ons page. Refresh the course page.
  • I am using Safari-
    • If Safari is not working please test the foot pedal in Mozilla Firefox to see if the problem persists. Mozilla Firefox can be installed safely for free here: www.mozilla.org
  • I am using Google Chrome or any other browser-
    • Google Chrome is not a supported browser for the course. At this time the foot pedal control will not work while using Google Chrome or other unsupported browsers. Please try switching to one of the supported browsers- Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari.

Problem: I have a Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 computer and my foot pedal is constantly making connect and disconnect noises when I plug it in.

Suggestion: Click on the speaker icon in lower right corner of your computer (next to clock and calendar). Click Mixer, then click the System Sounds icon. In the list that comes up click Device Connect and set the sound to the left of the Test button to (None). Repeat for Device Disconnect and Device Failed to Connect. Click Apply, then click OK.

Problem: My foot pedal control shows a green check mark but it will not play.

Suggestion: Make sure your foot pedal is plugged directly into the computer and you are not using a USB expander or hub. If you haven’t already, go through the browser specific solution steps above. Press Ctrl and R on your keyboard to refresh the page with no Temporary Files then test the foot pedal. This will sometimes cause the foot pedal to connect correctly. If not, try unplugging the foot pedal then restarting the computer with the foot pedal still unplugged. Plug the foot pedal back in once you get to the Desktop then log in to the course and test it again.

If you have gone through the troubleshooting steps in this document and you are still experiencing difficulties with the foot pedal please feel free to contact Technical Support. Office hours are 8 AM- 5 PM MST Monday through Friday. The email address is techsupport@careerstep.com.