Pharmacy Technician

Train for One of the Fastest Growing Careers in the Nation!

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Be a part of a rapidly growing industry and train for a new career as a pharmacy technician! A career as a pharmacy technician will secure you a place in one of the fastest growing careers in the nation, and you'll be…

  • In-demand – The Department of Labor predicts that there will be over 100,000 new pharmacy technician jobs before 2018.*
  • Flexible – Simultaneously prepare for careers in both retail and institutional settings and choose from a variety of job opportunities and schedules.
  • Job-ready – Externships are available with Walgreens and CVS, and you'll be prepared to take the national certification exams immediately upon graduation.

In addition to these benefits, a career as a pharmacy technician also offers the opportunity to quickly move into the workforce while still gaining valuable experience that can serve as a solid foundation for the further education required to become a pharmacist, nurse, doctor, or other healthcare professional.

Why Choose Career Step?

Career Step has been offering quality healthcare education for almost 20 years and offers a comprehensive training program that thoroughly prepares you for a pharmacy technician career. Train with Career Step and take advantage of:

Walgreens and CVS Externships available now!
  • A short training period – Be workplace ready in as little as 3 months!
  • Convenient online training – Enjoy 24/7 access to all program materials and study at your own pace.
  • Expert-created, real world curriculum – Study materials designed to prepare you for the workplace and developed by practicing pharmacists, nationally certified pharmacy technicians, and subject-matter experts.
  • Externship and job search assistance – Get an externship through Walgreens or CVS and secure the help you need to turn your education into a job after graduation!

With MyCAA funding, you can train with Career Step for a new career as pharmacy technician with no out-of-pocket expense!

* U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics