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Pharmacy Technician Salary Information and Resources

The most reputable source for information on pharmacy technician pay is the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, which is a branch of the U.S. Department of Labor. The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ May 2015 data includes information on:

  • Average annual wages – The average pharmacy technician salary is $31,680 a year, or an hourly average of nearly $15 an hour.
  • Pharmacy technician pay scale – The report states that the middle 50% of pharmacy technicians earn between $24,760 and $37,280 a year.
  • Top employers by industry – The top 3 pharmacy technician employers are health and personal care stores, hospitals, and grocery stores. These different employers offer varying pharmacy technician salaries: health and personal care stores pay an average of $29,610 a year, hospitals pay an average of $36,560 a year, and grocery stores pay an average salary of $29,260 a year.

Pharmacy technicians can also be found working in a number of other healthcare facilities, and those mentioned by the Bureau of Labor Statistics report simply employ the largest numbers. As in other industries, the pharmacy technician pay rate varies due to geographic location, individual experience, and certifications.

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