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Together, We’ll Find the Best Employees for Your Business

Best employees for your business

Hiring the right people (professionals with excellent training, in-depth knowledge, and an exceptional work ethic) is an exhausting task. One that costs you, your team, and your facility time, energy, and money. Probably anywhere between $10k and $20k for every open position, with no guarantee you’ll ever see a return on your investment. We can help.

hiring costs

Significantly Reduce Hiring Costs

We did the math. The average healthcare institution wastes anywhere between $10,000 to $20,000 to find, fill, and train for every open position. Partner with us and we can reduce your hiring costs.

qualified candidates

Find Motivated & Qualified Candidates

Because we don’t just train, we develop our Learners, transforming them into reliable healthcare professionals with drive and ambition—and loads of relevant experience. The kind of professionals your company needs.

train and develop teams

Train & Develop Your Teams

Let’s work together, and we’ll train your current employees to elevate job performance, boost knowledge, and improve communication. Our programs are regularly reviewed and updated by industry experts to ensure efficacy and relevance.

Two Hiring Options to Fit Your Needs

local externs

Local Externs

We’ll match you with a highly motivated, unpaid extern. You’ll give them the hours they need for certification while evaluating their skill level and overall hireability. If you like the results, offer them a job. It’s a low-risk/high-reward approach that gives you the chance to see our training in action.

certified professionals

Local Certified Professionals

We’ve trained a vast pool of candidates who’ve already earned their certifications. Or, if certification isn’t required for their specific career path, they’ve logged significant hours completing full courses. They’ve paid their dues. They’re ready to launch their career. And they’re looking for opportunities in your area.

Trained Healthcare Professionals for Every Discipline

We’ve got a vast pool of talent, all trained and certified in a variety of fields and disciplines:

program tracers
Contact Tracers
medical scribe program
Medical Scribes
telehealth skills program
medical assistant program
Medical Assistants
medical coding program
Medical Coders and Billers
medical transcription proram
Medical Transcription Editors
pharmacy technician program
Pharmacy Technicians
dental assistant program
Dental Assistants
dialysis technician program
Hemodialysis Technicians
more programs
And more!

Stay One Step Ahead

Reach out to find out how much you can save by working with us to find and train your next great hire. Our Partner Success Managers are ready to talk you through our process, explain how we find such fantastic candidates, and discuss our trusted training methods.

Partner With Us Partner With Us: 855-795-3508

Why Partner With CareerStep?

careerstep vision
A Shared Vision

The ongoing staff shortage in healthcare is a serious problem. That’s why we’re committed to shaping our Learners into the kind of professionals the industry needs.

careerstep history

We’ve got 25+ years of experience training the best of the best. And we recognize a quality job candidate when we see one.

risk-free guarantee
Risk-Free Guarantee

If you hire one of our candidates, you’ll pay a small flat fee. We guarantee you’ll be happy with the placement of that employee for 60 days, and if things don’t work out for the long-term, we’ll refund your money.

relevant courses
Relevant Courses

Our courses are thorough, but we don’t waste time covering trivial content. We only focus on the important info—and cut the fluff. That means the potential hires we send your way have relevant knowledge and experience.

Streamline Your Hiring Process

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