Patient Abuse and Neglect Awareness Course

Learn how to recognize signs of abuse and find out what you can do to protect your patients from harmful behavior:

  • 6 total hours of study
  • 5 self-paced, online modules

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Course Overview

The primary responsibility of healthcare providers is to keep patients safe — and most facilities provide exceptional care. Yet abuse and neglect are far more common than you might think. And the consequences can be devastating for the patient, the offender, and the provider. That’s why all medical professionals should know how to detect the signs of abuse.

CareerStep’s Patient Abuse and Neglect Awareness course — explicitly built for current and future medical practitioners — will help Learners do just that, training them to recognize, report, and prevent cases of mistreatment.

  • 6 Study Hours
  • Self-Paced Study
  • Online Access

What You'll Learn:

Laws & Standards

We’ll outline the laws, standards, and conditions relative to patient abuse, neglect, and exploitation.

Warning Signs

You’ll learn how to spot signs of mistreatment so you can take appropriate action.

Maintaining Professional Boundaries

We’ll give you an overview of how to protect yourself physically, emotionally, and professionally when dealing with cases of abuse.


  • This course is fully accredited for continuing education, CE / CME and credential renewal for Physicians / PAs, Nurses / RNs / LPNs, CHCIOs, CAHIMs and CPHIMs managers.


  • Defining Abuse & Neglect
  • Laws, Standards, and Conditions of Participation
  • How to Recognize Abuse
  • How to Report Abuse
  • Maintaining Professional Boundaries

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