The Telehealth Skills Course

Learn the basics and start building an effective, compliant telehealth action plan:

  • 6 total hours of study
  • 7 self-paced, online modules

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Course Overview

Telehealth is gaining steam. It’s a trend that’s here to stay—and as tech continues to evolve, you’ll find a wide variety of philosophies and approaches to this new way of business. What infrastructure do companies need to connect with patients, treat illnesses, and protect data? How do teams stay engaged and maintain a high level of performance without the one-on-one interaction in-office care typically provides?

This course delivers comprehensive instruction and guidance on all the primary methods and models of modern telehealth, including technology standards, remote monitoring, and reimbursement.

  • 6 Study Hours
  • Self-Paced Study
  • Online Access

What You'll Learn:

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What is Telehealth?

We’ll walk you through the basic premise of telehealth and explain why so many patients prefer to touch base with their health providers over remote channels.

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Making a Plan

You’ll learn all about what it takes to stay compliant, empathetic, and efficient when working with patients in a remote environment.

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Best Practices

We’ll discuss all the methods and models of telehealth, and help you find the best approach for your business.

Continuing Education Units:

  • ANCC / ACCME Credit for Physicians / PAs / RNs / LPNs—1.5 Hours


  • Introduction to Telehealth
  • Patient Privacy & Basic Reimbursement
  • The Telehealth Action Plan
  • Government Reimbursement & Regulations
  • The Future of Telemedicine
  • Telehealth Communication Lesson & Practice Session
  • Course Exam
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