The IT Fundamentals Pro Course

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  • 100 total hours of study
  • 8 self-paced, online modules

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Course Overview

The field of Information and Technology is desperate for professionals who can build, repair, test, and maintain a variety of hardware and software systems. These folks live and breathe tech, and when it comes to keeping any business up and running, they’re the literal MVPs. For IT specialists, “dongle” and GUI (gooey) are more than just funny words. The real pros never confuse the internet with the World Wide Web. And a legit tech wizard is the first person others call when their computer crashes or their Wi-Fi connection is on the fritz.

This course covers all the foundational concepts, language, and skills Learners need to jumpstart their IT career.

  • 100 Study Hours
  • Self-Paced Study
  • Online Access

What You'll Learn:

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The Basics

You’ll get a complete overview of the information age and learn the full history of computers.

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Jargon, Slang, and Basic Terminology

Dongle, malware, java … you’ll learn to speak IT like a pro.

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Data Overview

We’ll give you the download on how to protect your organization’s data.


  • IT Fundamentals Pro (TestOut)
  • CompTIA IT Funamentals (FC0-U61)


  • Orientation
  • Introduction to Computers
  • Networking
  • Databases & Programming
  • Information Systems & Security
  • CompTIA ITF Certification Practice
  • IT Fundamentals Pro Practice Exam
  • IT Fundamentals Pro Certification (optional)
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