The Six Sigma Black Belt Course

Learn process-improvement strategies and philosophies to advance your career:

  • 130 total hours of study
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Course Overview

Fact: when you include Six Sigma certification on your resume, people pay attention. It’s like a badge of honor—one that carries serious weight in any industry. One that’s valued, respected, and coveted.

Here, you’ll learn how to use the wide variety of methodologies that sit inside the Six Sigma toolset to help teams and companies cut costs, save time, and boost production. After just 130 hours of study, you’ll be ready for certification and poised for the next steps in your career.

  • 130 Study Hours
  • Self-Paced Study
  • Online Access

Note: ASQ Six Sigma Black Belt requires two completed projects with signed affidavits or one completed project with signed affidavit and three years of work experience in one or more areas of the Six Sigma Body of Knowledge. You do not need to be a Certified Six Sigma Green Belt. Work experience must be in a full time, paid role. Paid intern, co-op, or any other course work cannot be applied towards the work experience requirement.

What You'll Learn:

Methodologies & Tools

If you want to be a catalyst for change and efficiency, you gotta have the right tools. We’ll give you an in-depth rundown of everything you need to know to put these tools to use.

Measuring Your Impact

Done right, Six Sigma has an undeniable impact on any company’s bottom line. We’ll teach you how to measure your performance.


  • ASQ Six Sigma Black Belt: This course will prepare you to take the ASQ Six Sigma Black Belt certification exam.


  • The Six Sigma Management System
  • Six Sigma and Lean
  • Process Improvement Teams and Tools
  • Six Sigma Teams, Methodology, and Tools
  • Financial and Performance Measurement
  • Supplemental Information
  • Six Sigma Black Belt Final Test

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