Graduate Resources

Career Step training helps you gain the skills you need to be successful in the workforce and change your life for the better. After graduation you'll have access to resources designed to help you turn your education into a job. Your access to graduate services will be valid for 6 months or 12 months depending on the program you are enrolled in.

  • Employer relationships: Our training is trusted by some of the leading providers of healthcare services in the U.S., including RCM Health Care Services and CVS Health.
  • *Placement Direct: This online, job search tool provides you access to the information for hundreds of medical transcription employers and lets you manage all of your employer research, applications, and pre-employment testing information in one place.
  • Resume and cover letter review: Our graduate and employment specialists use the latest and best practices to make sure your resume and cover letter are targeted to the industry, up-to-date, and as polished as possible before you start your job search and interview process. We do this through a one-time written resume review.
  • Personalized interview preparation: A 30-minute, one-on-one employment preparation call is included with your graduate services. A Graduate Advisor will discuss employment and job search option with you including how to network, conduct information interviews, and identify and use various job search leads. We know it’s almost impossible to get hired without a good interview, so we also cover tips and tricks that will help you nail the interview and get hired.
  • Employment and job search discussion: You can set up a one-on-one appointment with a Graduate Advisor to discuss employment and job search options like how to network, how to use the resources we provide, and more.
  • New job opening notifications: We work hard to build relationships with employers nationwide, and many will let us know when they have an entry-level position available. We'll let you know when companies matching your preferences are hiring so you can be sure to get your application in.
  • Employer education: Want an employer to know what you're capable of? You can provide your Graduate Advisor with the name and specific contact details for the hiring contact at a company you're applying to, and we'll be happy to reach out with additional information on the caliber of our training
  • Career Step Help Hotline: When you're the new kid at a new job, asking for help can be intimidating. As a Career Step graduate, you'll have access to our help hotline in case you need a little help or advice as you're building your career.

These resources are provided with the end goal of helping you turn your education into a job. With this individualized help and attention, the majority of our graduates are hired within a few months of graduation.

*Available for Medical Transcription and Medical Transcription and Editing graduates only.