JumpStart™ Your Learning

Get in a groove with personalized 1:1 coaching.

Everyone needs online course help sometimes. With hands-on guidance from some of the brightest minds in multiple industries, the JumpStart program is our highest level of learner support—and the perfect complement to your training.

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Need a Boost?

We've geared this add-on towards folks who struggle with their studies. Maybe time management isn't your strong suit. Perhaps you need a little more encouragement than most educators are wiling to provide. Or maybe (like most of us) you have a hard time making room in your brain for new information. Whatever the case may be, we can hel formulate a plan of attack.

In other words, we won't let you fail.

The JumpStart Training Program

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Start Strong

Getting started can be a chore. And kicking things off with a bang is key to your success. We’ll dive right in with live coaching to get you feeling comfortable and totally motivated.

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Overcome Roadblocks

As your course progresses, you’re bound to come across some material that doesn’t seem to want to sink in. Your coach will walk through these subjects and provide additional insights to help increase your understanding.

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Get Certified

We won’t leave you behind. Your coaching advocate will help you set goals (and hold you to them) to keep you on track. Before you know it, you’ll be a certified pro with a resumé that’ll make your peers jealous.

What You Get


Dedicated 1:1 Coaches

We’ll assign a knowledgeable personal tutor from our elite training team. Each is highly experienced in the subject matter and teaching its principles online.

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Personalized Action Plan

In our first 20-minute session, we’ll help you establish goals, create a custom learner action plan, and schedule your follow-up appointments.

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Hour-Long Training Sessions

Each training session is one full hour of one-on-one coaching via phone or video chat. We’ll answer your questions, explain concepts, and review your progress.

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Time Management Support

We work proactively to keep you on track. Because our goal is to help you complete your course in the provided time and get certified.

Choose Your Plan

You can purchase JumpStart sessions any time during your active training program.

4 Sessions


($74.75 each)

12 Sessions


($58.25 each)

24 Sessions


($54.13 each)

Contact an Advisor to Register for the JumpStart Program

Please Call 1-844-800-2305

Please Call 1-844-800-2305

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