Windows 10

Windows 10

You can use Windows 10 to complete the CareerStep courses. Some of the courses will require specific steps to get everything to function and may require a specific browser.

Internet Explorer is the browser most likely to require these extra steps. The blue e icon on the taskbar at the bottom of the screen comes preprogrammed to open Microsoft Edge, which is not currently compatible with the course.

To Use Internet Explorer In Windows 10:

1. Click on the icon in the Start menu that looks like a folder.
2. Click on where it says This Computer.
3. Click on windows C:\.
4. Click on the folder labeled Program Files (X86).
5. Click the folder Internet Explorer.
6. Right click on the icon labeled IEXPLORE and select Pin to Taskbar. Right click the icon again and select Pin to Start Menu. (This will put the Internet Explorer icon on your taskbar and in the Start menu.)

Settings Changes To Make The Audio Or Foot Pedal Work In Internet Explorer:

1. Open Internet Explorer and press Alt and T to drop the Tools menu.
2. Click Compatibility View settings.
3. Add into the Add This Website box and click Add.
4. Click Close.
5. Close Internet Explorer, and then open it again.

If you are taking any other courses such as PMCB, IOMCB, ICD9-10 etc. we recommend you install Firefox and QuickTime. After those two programs are installed you will need to do the following steps.

1. Click Tools or hold Alt and press T to drop the Tools menu down.
2. Then click Add-Ons and click the blue Plug-ins section on the left.
3. Look for the QuickTime plugin in the list of plugins.
4. Change the drop down menu on the right to show Always Activate.
5. Close out of the Add-Ons page and test things out again.

If you have any other questions or problems with the course please visit our online community for further troubleshooting or contact us at 1-888-657-5761 or

Thank you!