Reasons to Choose Career Step


Big Bang for Your Buck

"I definitely feel I got my money’s worth with Career Step..." –Ruth, Tennessee

When you compare Career Step’s tuition to other universities, colleges, and career schools you’ll find you get great value. Tuition starts at just $1,195, and you can be prepared for careers that earn up to $50,000 a year.


The Flexibility to Study on Your Schedule

"Prior to Career Step, I earned a BS and MBA but left the corporate world to stay home with my son. I was able to complete the training program while my son was napping. I love the flexibility the program offers . . . I even recommended it to my sister-in-law." –Amanda, Montana

We know you’re busy. We know you have family, work, and personal obligations, so we’ve designed our online curriculum to give you the flexibility you need to study when it’s convenient for you.


Textbooks Included

"The textbooks were a wonderful help in the beginning because I could read the books and I would write down my answers for the tests, then when I got time to go online, I could just transfer my answers in." –Amy, Colorado

In addition to complete access to your entire training program from day 1, we also include a complete set of textbooks, making it easy to study away from the computer, giving you a place to keep notes, and providing a great resource after graduation.


Your Success is Our Success

"My gratitude goes far beyond what I gained in learning. I am grateful in knowing there are still good people in this world who truly care about what happens in your life, even after graduation from the course." –Sue, West Virginia

Our mission is to help every one of our students graduate from their chosen field of study and get a job after graduation. We want to help you change your life for the better, and we don't consider our job done till you've reached your goal!


In-Demand Career Options

"Are there jobs available? Oh my gosh, are there jobs available! Especially for hard working individuals who are willing to grow their skills [and] expand their knowledge base through organizations like Career Step." –Jane Bates, Vice President of Human Resources at Amphion

We carefully select the career paths you can train for to make sure there are lots of opportunities available when you graduate. The career fields we prepare students for are expected to add up to 41% more jobs over the next few years.


Train From the Comfort of Your Own Home

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I loved being able to work independently at home and online curriculum made it very easy to do this." –Deborah, Ontario

Whether you’re homebound, need to be available for family members, or simply prefer to study on your schedule instead of your instructor’s, Career Step’s online curriculum is available 24/7 so you can train from wherever is most convenient for you.


MyCAA Approved

"As an Air Force wife, I hope that many other military spouses take advantage of the opportunity to get such great career training through Career Step." –Bryn, Ohio

The MyCAA program offers $4000 in education funding for eligible military spouses, and all of the Career Step programs are approved. With this program and Career Step's affordable tuition, these military spouses can train for free!


Graduate Debt Free

"I would highly recommend attending Career Step for a quality education at a low price." –Sarah, Iowa

Starting a new career with thousands of dollars of tuition debt is no way to begin a new chapter of your life. With Career Step's affordable programs you can easily graduate debt free.


Get In, Get Out, Get Working

"The Career Step program was, for me, a quick and in-depth method of learning a large amount of material in a brief amount of time." –Alison, Colorado

We know your goal is to start working as quickly as possible, and with our short training timelines, you can be career-ready in as little as 2 months.


Personalized Instructor Support

"Career Step's friendly support teams were a big plus in my learning through phone consultations, moderated chats, and even in the student forums." –Barbara, Utah

Don't settle for generic support—choose a training program that offers you the one-on-one instructor support you could get in a classroom! Our instructors are available to help you every step of the way, and it's like having your own private tutor.


Hands-On Experience Before Graduation

"Graduating from this course provides a great opportunity to receive experience in a school/training environment that prepares you to enter the workplace immediately." –Georgeann, Texas

We’ve built hands-on work experience right into our curriculum. Some employers will even waive experience requirements when hiring our graduates because they know and trust our high level of hands on training.


Everything You Need is Included

"Career Step offers you a comprehensive education . . . The books, reference materials, online courses, and professional guidance are all focused on one objective—your success!" –Candace, Missouri

You'll have complete access to the online course material, hands-on practice, textbooks, and one-on-one, personalized support from instructors who've done the job you're training for—everything you need to be successful is included!


Useful, Real-World Education

"All of my new coworkers were impressed with how I jumped right in and was able to keep up with the workload and my full understanding of the job!" –Samantha, Vermont

There are no filler classes here! Everything you'll learn in a Career Step program is included to help you get a job and be successful after graduation.


Designed by Pros

"When you complete the course you can compete with anybody. You are fully loaded with all the skills, experience, resources, and confidence you need to step right into a job and perform like the pros who trained you." –Mary, New York

Our programs are designed by successful professionals who have actually done the job you’re training for. They know, and help you develop, exactly what you need to get a job and be successful in your field of study.


A Learning Community

"Even though you’re studying independently online, you never feel alone because of the community of students on the forums and the help of student and technical support." –Mihaela, Arizona

We know online training can get lonely, so we’ve built an entire community to help you succeed. You can connect with your classmates and instructors in our forums or chat rooms, and our technical and student support advisors are available by phone, email, or chat to help you one on one.


Self-Paced Learning

"This training program was amazing! It was so nice to go at my own pace. As a young mother of two young children, flexibility was a must! Being able to save my place and go back to it later worked perfectly for me." –Chelsee, Utah

We’ve designed our training to help you move through the course at the pace that’s exactly right for your learning style—whether that’s quickly or slowly. You won’t have to worry about being left behind or having to wait for others to catch up. Study at the pace that works for you!


Instructors Who Have Done the Job

"During the course, I called for advice or just to vent some frustrations several times. I would almost always hang up the phone feeling renewed and ready to move on and tackle the task at hand." –Patricia, South Carolina

If you want to learn how to do a job, it’s best to learn from someone who’s already done the job. All of our instructors have experience working in your field of study, ensuring they can help you get job-ready.


Employment Focused Training

"Within a week of graduating, I had my first job, and let me tell you the training you get from Career Step is just like the work you will receive when you start working…" –Dana, North Carolina

Our goal is prepare you for a job, so we’ve built our training programs to help you gain exactly those skills you’ll need to not only land your first job but to also be confident and successful after you start working.


Step-by-Step Learning

"The Career Step program is well-designed . . . Step by step, it leads the student through learning many facets of new material, all while encouraging progress through manageably-sized units." –Debra, Ontario

Worried that an online course will just be too much to bite off? No worries; our training programs are designed to naturally lead you from one concept to the next while ensuring that you learn the material.


Advisors Dedicated to Your Success

"Do not hesitate to contact Student Support. They will bend over backwards to help you. Once you graduate, contact Graduate Support. They, also, go beyond the call to help with your job search!" –John, West Virginia

Our instructors and graduate support advisors are focused on doing whatever it takes to help you graduate and turn your education into employment. You can reach them by phone, email, or chat and their one-on-one help is like having your own private tutor.


Employer-Trusted Training

"We've been so impressed with Career Step and their graduates. Career Step as an organization has always impressed us—they're so top-notch, so on top of this industry." –Jane Bates, Vice President of Human Resources at Amphion

What better recommendation than that of the companies that actually hire for the position you're training for? Our training is trusted and recommended by hundreds of employers nationwide.


Industry Certification Preparation

"I passed the exam . . . with a score of 90%, which I know is largely (if not entirely) due to the quality of training I received through Career Step" –Rachel, New Mexico

There's no better way to prove your skills to employers than by earning relevant industry certifications, which is why we specifically build our programs to help you develop the skills you'll need to earn applicable credentials immediately upon graduation.


Placement Help After Graduation

"Graduate support has truly exceeded any expectations I had. They are so supportive and are determined to help me find a job and be successful." –Marlena, South Carolina

Turning your education into a job can be tricky, which is why we include help from experienced Graduate Advisors after graduation to help you make the transition and start working!


Military-Friendly School

"I was attracted to Career Step because I am a military spouse, and I was looking for a new career that would be easy to transfer as my family transfers from one base to another." –Elizabeth, Louisiana

Career Step's online format and career-focused programs are a great fit for military service members and their spouses. We also support programs such as MyCAA, Operation Purple, and others specifically designed to help the military community.


70,000 Students and Counting

"At the beginning, I was very hesitant about the Career Step program . . . after gaining employment 3 weeks after graduating, I'm just one more testimonial to how great Career Step is." –Laura, Texas

Over 70,000 students can't be wrong! We have over 20 years of experience training quality professionals and our successful graduates speak for themselves.


Comprehensive Education for Every Learner

"I could be someone who has no basic computer skills, no medical knowledge, no typing skills, and still become a first rate medical transcriptionist." –Cynthia, Texas

Whether you're considering a career in a brand new field or you're coming in with some previous experience, the Career Step courses cover everything you need to be successful!


Confidence After Graduation

"You will graduate feeling completely confident in your skills and ready to get working! Thank you Career Step for a fantastic learning experience!" –Tiffany, Nevada

Graduate with the confidence that you're well prepared for the workforce and have all the skills you need to get a job. Over 700 employers have hired our graduates, and many are hired within a month or less of graduation.


Wide Employer Network

"Career Step made it possible to achieve an education on a level that many employers recognize and seek. I have no doubt that graduating from Career Step enabled me to secure a job." –Lori, Montana

Over 700 employers have hired Career Step graduates, and employers recognize and trust the Career Step name. We also have programs such as job opening notifications and externships than helps you reach out to employers specifically looking for Career Step graduates.


Start Training Today

"Career Step is exactly as the name implies—a step toward starting your career. The first and best step I ever took, Career Step left me very prepared to enter the working world." –Heidi, Utah

No need to wait until the semester starts or a class fills up—with Career Step you can start training as soon as you're ready! Get started today and start working toward your new rewarding career.


Easy to Navigate, Online Platform

"I thought Career Step was an awesome course!! It was so easy to use, navigate, and learn. There are so many wonderful resources. . ." –Andrea, North Carolina

We’ve built our online training program so you’ll have all your materials in one place: course curriculum, access to your instructors, references, ways to connect with your classmates, and more.