Career FastTrack: Medical Transcription Editing
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  • Prepare for the Future of the Industry
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Career FastTrack: Medical Transcription Editing

Why Should I Add Medical Transcription Editing to My Skill Set?

The Career FastTrack: Medical Transcription Editing course is designed for already trained medical transcriptionists, just like you, and will help you:

  • Expand your resume – Add experience editing speech recognition generated reports to your resume and stay up-to-date in an evolving industry.
  • Get access to more jobs – Employers are looking for professionals with advanced medical transcription skills to produce both quality transcription and editing work, and you can quickly gain the edge you need to be more in-demand.
  • Prepare for the future of the industry – The medical transcription industry is evolving, and adding speech recognition editing to your resume will help you stay competitive and advance your career.

Speech recognition technology is changing the medical transcription industry, but with the Career FastTrack: Medical Transcription Editing course, you can improve the skills you need to be competitive.

Is Career Step the School for Me?

Over 100,000 Career Step students can't be wrong. Choose Career Step, and you'll graduate with the skills you need to succeed immediately upon graduation. Career Step offers:

  • Affordable tuition – Career Step's Career FastTrack: Medical Transcription Editing training helps you quickly develop the speech recognition editing skills you need to succeed for only $695.
  • Trusted reputation – Career Step has been educating quality medical transcriptionists for over 20 years and, as one of the best schools in the industry, has developed training you can trust.
  • Employer relationships – Over 700 employers have hired Career Step graduates, and we've worked closely with employer partners to make sure the curriculum helps you gain the skills they're looking for.

Choose Career Step for the quality education you need to keep your skills up-to-date as a medical transcriptionist.

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"I have recommended Career Step to others, and I will continue to do so! I had a great experience with this program and feel it prepared me for work better than the community college program I attended."
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