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Online Healthcare Documentation Programs

Healthcare documentation and data play an essential role in providing quality medical care, and there are several different types of jobs that can allow you to start a rewarding career! Through CareerStep’s online health data and documentation training programs, you can prepare for success in a number of roles, from clinical documentation to medical billing and coding. Depending on the program you take, you can also prepare for industry certification, which can allow you to stand out when you’re applying for jobs!

Healthcare Data and Documentation Programs FAQs

Why is documentation important in healthcare?

Accurate healthcare documentation is vital to providing effective quality care to patients. It ensures that patients are protected and that they are given the proper care. It also allows healthcare providers to provide the right care and diagnoses, accurately bill patients and insurance companies, and maintain up to date medical records.

What is a healthcare documentation specialist?

A healthcare documentation specialist is generally responsible for anything to do with medical records and documentation within a healthcare setting. That could include medical transcription, medical billing and coding, or reviewing and updating patient medical records to ensure everything is accurate and up to date!

What does a certified healthcare documentation specialist do?

A certified healthcare documentation specialist could be responsible for a variety of duties, depending on where they work and what their particular job title is. However, typically, they’ll be responsible for things like

  • Reviewing patient records for accuracy.
  • Tracking patient outcomes for quality assessment.
  • Using classification software to assign clinical codes.
  • Recording data for collection, storage, analysis, retrieval, and reporting.
  • Maintaining confidentiality of patient records.

What is the average healthcare documentation specialist salary?

The average salary for a healthcare documentation specialist is around $68,108 per year, though pay can vary based on where you live, your employer, your credentials, and your work experience. In general, documentation specialist salaries can range from around $41,100 to $100,000 per year.