Career Training That Changes Lives

Need a career change?

We can help you gain the skills you need to start a rewarding new career in a year or less without student debt.

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Revenue Cycle Solutions

Focused on helping your organization consistently provide quality education, Career Step can help make RCM and HIM education simple.

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25th Year Anniversary

We’ve been providing quality healthcare education for 25 years! That's why we have thousands of satisfied students and partners.

Ready to renew?

Whether you need to renew your emergency life support recertification or you’re working on EMS refresher requirements, we can help.

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Who is Career Step?

We are the premier provider of career-focused healthcare education and training solutions. We focus on employment, advancement, and professional development.

What does that mean?

We help people start new careers, maintain credentials with continuing education, and advance careers with training that builds on experience.

We build education the way it should be!

Where do you fit in our educational cycle?

Learners gain skills employers need

Career Step works with employers to identify industry education needs

Employers hire and promote workers with needed skills

Career Step develops curriculum based on industry needs