Pharmacy Technician Program (ASHP/ACPE)

Add On-The-Job Training

Career Step has teamed up with Walgreens and CVS Pharmacy to offer our learners externships with these large retail pharmacies! Career Step's externship partnerships offer learners:

  • Hands-on training and experience – After you’ve developed a solid foundation of pharmacy knowledge, you’ll work with your trainer to find externship opportunities in your local area. During your externship you’ll use the knowledge and skills you learned in the online program, helping you learn these concepts even better and ensuring that you’re prepared for your first job after completion.
  • National certification preparation – Whether your state requires national certification or not (check our State Requirements pdf for more info) being certified makes it easier to get a job and may increase your earning potential. Completing an externship allows you to see the real world application of the concepts you're learning, which makes them easier to remember for the test.
  • Networking Opportunities – With a Walgreens or CVS externship, you'll have the opportunity to meet pharmacists and other pharmacy technicians in your local area, giving you a wider network when you start looking for a job after completion.

Career Step learners nationwide can take advantage of these partnerships, cementing the knowledge and skills they learn in the online Pharmacy Technician (ASHP/ACPE) program and expanding their pharmacy technician education with hands-on experience.