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The quickest route to a patient’s heart is EKG technician certification.

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A Tiny Investment for Infinite Success

You’re busy. You’ve got bills to pay. And you need stability. With one small investment, your EKG certification could help you could find the peace of mind, salary, and job satisfaction you’ve been looking for. And guess what? You could have it all in just a few short months (or weeks).

  • 32 Hours of Study

  • 1 Month Program Completion Time

  • $31,000 Average Annual Salary*

This Could Be the Perfect Job for You

Electrocardiogram (EKG) technicians conduct diagnostic tests that help doctors identify cardiovascular issues in patients. They’re an important—even vital—part of a healthcare team.

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6 Reasons to Complete Your EKG Tech Training With CareerStep

Get it done in a matter of weeks.

With just 31 hours of study, you can be ready to take the certification test. (No rush, though—we’ll give you up to three months to complete the course.)

Get hired.

EKG technicians are present in virtually every cardiology department, and they have no shortage of job opportunities.

Gain first-day confidence.

CareerStep’s EKG technician program comes with all the learning content and exercises you need to get certified and get hired at a hospital or clinic near you.

Move on up.

Electrocardiograms can mark the beginning of a lucrative career trajectory. Your career could take several routes, and EKG tech training is a great place to kick it off.

Feel fulfilled.

EKG technicians are valued healthcare team members who spend their workdays assisting doctors and helping patients—it’s hard not to feel good about that.

Pay easily.

Our online EKG course is one of the most affordable healthcare training programs available. Who knew you could be new-career-ready for only a few hundred dollars?!

Our Happy Learners Say It Best

"I took the online EKG technician course while I was wrapping up my EMT course. The content was easy to understand and navigate, and technical support was there when I needed them. Thank you for a fantastic experience!"

Cindy S.

CareerStep Learner


1. Start today.

Begin your training (and transformation) right now.


2. Finish fast.

Complete your training in record-time.


3. Get hired.

With community support and interview training.

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Program Details

Get trained and certified in less time than it takes to get a passport (and, hey, with your new salary, you can save for a tropical vacation).

  • 1-Month Completion
  • Self-Paced Study
  • Anywhere, Anytime Learning
  • 1:1 (Human) Support
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What You'll Learn

Everything you need to know, that’s what. This program covers all the information required to be a successful EKG technician.


Get the lay of the land. Know what the program entails, how to navigate the course, and how to contact CareerStep for support.

Healthcare & Cardiovascular Foundations

Understand basic roles and responsibilities, terminology, anatomy, and vital care.

EKG Testing

Learn to use and maintain EKG equipment, prepare patients, and interpret results.

Final Exam Prep

Know what to expect in regards to (and how to prepare for) the final exam.

Your Questions—Answered

This course is designed to take 31 hours of study, which you can complete in as little as a month or as long as three months.

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EKG technician salaries vary based on location and experience, but on average, EKG technicians make $31,000 per year.* Many techs also qualify for benefits.

It’s awesome! Hospitals and clinics everywhere are looking to hire certified EKG techs, so your prospects are promising. Heart health isn’t a trend, after all, and thanks to an aging population, the U.S. Department of Labor expects the need for this role to grow.

EKG technicians provide assistance to doctors and cardiology staff by measuring patients’ basic vital signs, operating electrocardiogram machines and delivering their results, and performing rapid response procedures when needed.

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Get Trained. Get Hired.

This program includes unparalleled training, career support, and coaching. It’s a faster, cheaper alternative to traditional schooling.

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Payment Plans

It’s cheaper to pay up front, but coming up with a lump sum can be tricky. We offer a monthly payment plan for those who need it. (Credit problems = no biggie.)

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