Pharmacy Technician Full Program Job Market

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Job Duties

Your pharmacy technician training will prepare you to work under the guidance of a pharmacist. You’ll be a crucial member of the team and a critical part of keeping the pharmacy running smoothly. A day in your new life will likely include the following:

  • Verify prescription information and dosage.
  • Assist in formulating, labeling, and dispensing medications.
  • Enter patient and order information into the computer system.
  • Create and update patient profiles.
  • Process and submit insurance claims.
  • Provide quality customer service to patients and healthcare providers.

Work Environment

Your pharmacy technician skills allow you to work in neighborhood pharmacies or grocery stores. Positions are also available in hospitals, clinics and outpatient centers, specialty pharmacies, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, mail-order pharmacies, tele-pharmacies, and nuclear medicine pharmacies.

Here’s a breakdown of where pharmacy technicians work from the U.S. Department of Labor:

  • 52% Pharmacies and drug stores
  • 17% General merchandise stores
  • 16% Hospitals
  • 8% Food and beverage stores

Some pharmacies are open 24/7, so you may find opportunities to work off-hours if that better fits your life.

Pay Scale

So, how much does a pharmacy technician make a year? Your annual salary will vary by employer, location, and experience. But according to the U.S. Department of Labor, the median salary for pharmacy technicians is $32,700 a year. The middle 50% of pharmacy technicians nationwide earn between $26,750 and $39,290 annually. The top 90% earn $48,010. So you can make a good income (with the potential for employee benefits).

You’ll have upward mobility as a pharmacy technician too. It’s a great first step on any healthcare career path, positioning you to move up and make more as a pharmacist, physician, nurse, or any other health professional. (It’s a perfect part-time job and resume builder while earning your pharmacy degree.)

Industry Demand

Our aging population in combination with a greater number of people insured through the Affordable Care Act has made healthcare one of the nation’s fastest growing industries. Snowballing along with it are pharmacy technician jobs, especially for those with formal training and certification. The U.S. Department of Labor estimates 7% growth in pharmacy technician jobs by 2028. So becoming a pharmacy technician is a great career choice.

Career Assistance

We work with you to get you working (and earning) as soon as possible. Our expert job help preps you to stand out, crush interviews, get job offers, and quickly transition from training to workplace.

  • Personal consultation with a career advisor
  • Individual resume and cover letter review and advice
  • Personalized tutorials and training for interviews

With all this individualized help and attention, most of our learners are hired within just a few months of completion, or less.