EKG Technician Program Description

One of the quickest possible ways to launch a new career.

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Ready to get certified for one of the most widely hired roles in healthcare? This program was designed to help you pass the Certified EKG Technician (CET) exam and set you up for success as part of a fast-paced cardiology team. You’ll learn how to operate the electrocardiogram—an essential piece of hospital equipment—and work with doctors to interpret the results for patients. This is one of the quickest, most affordable programs available, so if you’re ready to jump into the action ASAP, EKG technician training is the course of action for you.

Program Timeline

You can be interview-ready in a month, but if you need a more relaxed pace, you can take up to three months to complete the course.

Just 1 months of full-time study

Study Format

Training to become an EKG tech isn’t just quick, it’s crazy convenient. You can access this fully online EKG course anywhere and anytime you have WiFi. Learn on your own schedule, at your own pace.

Learn from home (or anywhere)

Study online (anytime)


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One-on-one support

Phone, live chat, and email

EKG Technician Program Modules

Our 31-hour curriculum is divided into 4 easy-to-finish modules (and it covers skills many EKG tech programs don’t, such as Holter monitoring and stress testing). Knock ‘em out and start your new job as a diagnostic dynamo.

Welcome to EKG Technician (1 Hour)

  • Identify the elements, expectations, and requirements of the program.
  • Navigate the program using the pages, menus, and buttons provided.
  • Use the program tools, including the study planner, grade book, and completion report. Students will also be able to contact CareerStep using communication tools, including phone, email, forums, chat rooms, and social media.
  • Identify and use program resources.

Healthcare & Cardiovascular Foundations (15 Hours)

  • Edit and format text with options such as alignment, fonts, lists, spacing, tab stops, page format, layout, paragraph alignment and spacing, and copy formatting.
  • Describe the roles and responsibilities of patients and providers within the healthcare industry.
  • Identify common medical prefixes, roots, and suffixes; identify and properly combine word parts to create medical terms; and learn common abbreviations in a cardiovascular context.
  • Recognize and understand basic anatomy, pathophysiology, and specialty practice of the cardiovascular system.
  • Obtain basic patient vital signs and initiate CPR and first aid when necessary.

EKG Testing (14 Hours)

  • Record and verify leads; maintain and ensure proper functioning of EKG equipment; identify and resolve artifacts from the EKG tracing; and inspect and recognize abnormal or emergent results such as arrhythmias.
  • Prepare the patient and apply electrodes for EKG monitoring, stress testing, Holter monitoring, and telemetry monitoring.
  • Experience simulation performing an EKG.

EKG Technician Final Exam Preparation (1 Hour)

  • Identify the steps to be eligible for, effectively prepare for, and access the final exam.
  • Describe the format, restrictions, and policies of the final exams, including scoring, retakes, allowed resources, and time limits.

EKG Technician Certifications

While EKG technician certification isn’t required, employers tend to look for (and hire) employees who are certified. This training program will prep you to become a CET, recognized by the National Healthcareer Association. The NHA will provide your certification once you pass the CET exam.

Certified EKG Technician (CET)