Nurturing Success: The BNHC-CareerStep Partnership and its Impact on the Future of Medical Assistants

Posted on 02.08.2024

In the world of healthcare, where cultivating a skilled workforce is both a necessity and a commitment to community well-being, the partnership between CareerStep and the Brockton Neighborhood Healthcare Center (BNHC) stands as an exemplary model. At its core is the mission to develop proficient medical assistants (MAs), ensuring their employment at BNHC, which generously covers the program’s cost.

BNHC, a non-profit multicultural community health center, traces its roots back to 1994 when it operated from a humble mobile medical van. Over the years, it evolved into a $17 million community health center, doubling its capacity to serve low-income, diverse, and medically underserved patients in Brockton, Massachusetts and surrounding areas. Offering a comprehensive range of healthcare services, BNHC has become more than a provider; it’s a cornerstone of the community.

Creating a robust medical assistant program

The heart of this partnership lies in BNHC’s Medical Assistant program, where students can complete their MA certification through CareerStep. They have the unique opportunity to hold a job at BNHC while pursuing their education, as the center covers the program’s cost. This synergy between education and employment is where the BNHC-CareerStep partnership truly shines.

CareerStep’s Medical Assistant program provides flexibility, allowing students to work at their own pace, a vital component for BNHC’s employees balancing full-time work and family responsibilities. The program’s adaptability removes the pressures associated with traditional education.

The impact of the partnership

This unique collaboration has transformed BNHC, evident in the success stories of its staff. Graduates are not only equipped with the necessary skills but are intimately familiar with the center’s culture and the community, enhancing their preparedness to serve the diverse patient population.

The program’s success has become a source of pride for BNHC, promoted through various channels, including word of mouth, the website, and community education fairs. It stands as a testament to the positive impact a well-structured partnership can have on an organization and its community.

Expanding opportunities: transforming dreams into goals

Beyond Medical Assistant training, BNHC has expanded its offerings through grants from the Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, allowing the training of Dental Assistants in partnership with CareerStep. Currently, 10 staff members are enrolled in CareerStep programs, utilizing education reimbursement funding for courses in Billing and Coding and Phlebotomy.

“The Career Step training platform allows our staff, who have been dreaming about going further in their career, to realize their goals. Career Step is truly a partner in all aspects of program management. Andrea is an invaluable asset; she is always there to answer any questions.” – Jennifer Brown, BNHC Student Relations Manager

In their first cohort, five staff members graduated, with two transferring into MA roles and one working in a similar capacity. In Cohort 2, two staff members graduated, with one accepting a MA role and another on externship with plans to apply for an MA role upon completion. Seven learners are progressing on the CareerStep platform, aiming to finish within the next six months. The grant supporting this program extends until 2026.

Learn more about CareerStep’s partnerships

For those interested in exploring how CareerStep can contribute to the development of a successful talent pipeline or learning more about the BNHC partnership, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Visit CareerStep’s partnership page for more information.

Partnerships like CareerStep and BNHC are illuminating pathways for medical assistants, transforming them into vital pillars of healthcare, ultimately benefiting the well-being of our communities.