Medical Coding Education Solutions

Meet your business goals through targeted education.

The long-awaited ICD-10 implementation has come and gone, and healthcare’s challenges are now different than those faced in the past. Organizations must analyze each patient’s history through clinical documentation to provide the right codes and DRGs for reimbursement. Are you ready to meet this challenge? Do you have the education tools required?

Whether you’re trying to reduce denials or improve employee retention by offering career paths, there is an education solution. Designed to work in tandem with your education department, Career Step’s targeted education programs have been developed by experts with years of RCM, HIM and coding experience and in close collaboration with some of the industry’s largest and most respected healthcare organizations. Our programs save you time by providing the resources your education department needs to provide consistent education that delivers CEUs.

We offer a variety of packages and products that address concerns throughout revenue cycle management.

Pre-Employment Evaluation

A bad hire can cost you 5x their salary to replace, which means your bottom line depends on making the right hiring decisions. With Career Step’s Pre-Employment Evaluations (available for both medical coding and medical transcription), you can gain the insight you need to measure whether candidates have the skills you’re looking for and will be the right fit for your organization. More>>

Education Recharge

The Career Step Education Recharge package is designed for both new and experienced coders and focuses on providing refresher training. Career Step’s approach is to constantly reinforce the rationale between correct coding. We want to make sure your coders understand how the documentation is tied to coding, arming them with the tools to improve coding quality. Four areas of education are included in this modular package: CPT®, DRG, ICD-10-CM, and ICD-10-PCS.


The CPT® refresher includes 13 modules that teach the learner how to connect the documentation in the medical record to the coding logic. Evaluations by CPT section are also included. More>>


The 3 DRG refresher modules provide real examples of the changes in ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS that have an impact on specific DRGs. More>>


The 11 ICD-10-CM modules are designed as a refresher for those who have been previously trained in ICD-10-CM. The modules cover all chapters of ICD-10-CM, and evaluations by CM chapter are included. More>>


The ICD-10-PCS refresher is intended for those who have been previously trained in ICD-10-PCS, and it includes 11 modules, which highlight key terms the learner can use to help determine root operation. All PCS sections are covered, and evaluations by PCS root operation are included. More>>

Education Evolution

The Career Step Education Evolution package is designed to help you enable your team to sharpen their skills with hands-on experience and targeted training.

ICD-10 Outpatient to Inpatient Coder

Designed for facility outpatient coders who want to transition to inpatient coding, this course offers 40 prior-approved CEUs from AAPC and AHIMA. The program builds on learners’ outpatient experience, teaches ICD-10-PCS, and provides the opportunity for learners to practice their new skills on real records in the Coding Practice Tool. More>>

Coding Practice Tool

The Coding Practice Tool provides learners the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a real-world practice environment. The tool includes more than 200 same day surgery and emergency department records, and learners receive feedback after each record is coded to reinforce learning. More>>

Biomedical Sciences

Covering medical terminology, pathophysiology, and anatomy and physiology, these modules are designed to ensure coders have the solid biomedical sciences background (particularly important for ICD-10 coding) needed to accurately assign codes. More>>

Education Empower

The Career Step Education Empower package is designed to help you retain your best and brightest by enabling your team to advance their skill sets and move into the roles where you need them the most.

Inpatient Auditing

Designed with busy adult learners in mind, this 10-course program transforms inpatient coders into inpatient auditors. The program reinforces ICD-10-CM and PCS skills and teaches technical and soft skills as well as healthcare law, compliance, and audit processes, culminating in a hands-on auditing practicum. More>>

ICD-10 New Learner

You can transform medical transcription or CDI staff or any other employee interested in making a change into outpatient medical coders with our ICD-10 New Learner program, which prepares learners for outpatient coding as well as CCA and CPC certification. More>>

Applied PCS ICD-10 Coder Education

Intended for coders who need additional practice in PCS, this course provides a structured, in-depth methodology to both understand and apply PCS. This course offers 40 prior-approved CEUs from AAPC and AHIMA. More>>

Medical Billing

The Medical Billing program provides an efficient, consistent way to educate staff with up-to-date information on changing laws and requirements as well as trends in medical billing. The program covers billing software in addition to industry forms and procedures. Learners graduate ready to sit for the Certified Billing and Coding Specialist (CBCS) industry certification exam. More>>